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Change of Address Checklist

A change of address checklist can seem daunting at first glance, but if you check off all the relevant tasks, you’ll avoid the chaos of unpaid accounts and lost mail. Many of your notifications can be handled by your household computer, so don’t let the process intimidate you.

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What are the formalities to do when moving to a new house? Read our Change of address checklist to be sure not to forget anything.

1) The Post Office

Your mail can be redirected for a small fee for up to a year after you move. This will help you to evade identity theft and other forms of fraud. You’ll need the address and postcode of both of your addresses along with the names and birthdays of your family members. This can be done through the Royal Mail’s online redirection service. Simply open a Royal Mail account or go to your nearest post office branch.

2) Financial Institutions

a) Most credit card companies offer online services with adjustable contact information. Alternatively, contact your financial institution and change your billing address with the help of a customer services specialist.

b) Your banking details might be a little more complex to change because you might be required to visit a brick and mortar branch.

Security First!

c) It’s important to keep your credit records up to date in case of fraudulence. Your address is an integral part of your identity, protecting your data and making it possible for you to obtain new lines of credit. Each credit score company requires a different form of notification, but generally, re-registering for the electoral roll and updating your credit card details will automatically update your credit report.

d) Don’t forget to update your insurance policies, pension, hire purchase providers, and loyalty cards.

Change of Address Checklist

3) Utility Checklist

Your address will need to be passed on to the businesses that handle your:

  • Water
  • Electricity
  • Landline and mobile
  • Cable and satellite service providers
  • TV license
  • Internet provider

Your energy provider will need to know about your move at least two days before your moving date. Your account will be closed, which could entail a termination fee. On the day you move, check your meter readings to ensure you’re only charged for your own usage. You might inherit a deemed contract at your new home, but you needn’t stay with the same supplier. Comparison shopping may secure you better rates.

4) Taxes

Update your address with the HM Revenue and Customs department if you pay your taxes through PAYE. This will change your address for your tax credits, state pension, income tax, and national insurance. To make the process simpler, open a Government Gateway Account and process the adjustment online. You’ll also need to update your business tax and activate your personal tax account.

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5) Personal Life

Of course, your friends and family will want to know where you’re moving to, but don’t forget to add your doctors, dentist, advisors, and lawyer records to your change of address checklist. If you regularly donate to charity organizations, ask them to adjust your details, too. Include membership clubs such as AAA and alumni groups.

6) Motoring

Your Direct Debit for Vehicle tax requires adjustments even if your move isn’t permanent. Don’t forget to update your driver’s license and a vehicle logbook. While it’s preferable to do this paperwork before you move, you will still be able to use the road before you receive your new paperwork.

How to Pay Your Vehicle Tax After Moving?

If you pay your vehicle tax with a debit order, the DVLA will require your new address, which should be communicated via phone. Update your V750 or V778 if you have a private registration number. This can be done online or telephonically. Unfortunately, this isn’t an easy process. You’ll have to provide proof of address in the form of a bank statement, new household bill, or medical cards.

Household Services

7) Household Services

If your residential services are updated before you leave your old home, your maintenance will continue like clockwork. Include your:

  • Pool care service
  • Gardening company
  • House cleaner
  • Deliveries
  • Household security
  • Newspaper deliveries and periodicals
  • E-commerce sites

7) Voter Registration

When you change address, you must register again, either by post or online. You’ll be required to provide your National Insurance number, and if you run into problems, simply call your Electoral Registration Office.

8) Local Council

The gov.uk site offers online change of address services, which should be completed as soon as possible to ensure your council taxes remain up to date. Once you’ve filled in the online forms, you’ll be contacted to complete the process. Failing to update your details could amount to tax fraud, so this is one of the most important changes you must make.

How to Organise an Easy Move?

Moving is supposed to be an adventure. Keep your paperwork in order, and it’ll go smoothly enough for you to enjoy the journey (and the destination.) As with most things, prevention is better than cure. Alerting the service providers of your move ahead of time will avert a hundred problems.

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Moving house can be a stressful time. If you want to make your house removal easy and focus on what’s more important, such as your change of address or utilities, find a company near you. You needn’t do all the hard lifting of moving yourself.

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