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Moving to Ireland

With its lush green countryside, rich culture and friendly people, Ireland is a popular destination for expats. You may have enjoyed holidays in the Emerald Isle but living there permanently is bound to be a different experience. Using an experienced international house removal company will make the adventure of moving to a new country as smooth and stress-free as possible. To help you plan, we’ve compiled some useful information that will give you some insight into what moving to Ireland entails.

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How Much Does Moving to Ireland Cost?

The cost of moving to Ireland from the UK is estimated to start from about £1000. Whether you’re off to Dublin or Cork or are planning to relocate to the rugged west coast, choosing the right removal firm to get your belongings there safely is essential.

Estimating the Costs of Moving to Ireland from the UK

The cost of moving house to another country can be difficult to estimate as there are so many variables involved, for example:

  • a house removal by air is quicker but is more expensive than a ferry crossing and driving
  • if your final destination is in the West of Ireland, you may incur additional costs and transit time
  • the number of possessions you are moving will affect the overall cost, as will the level of insurance you require

Cost of Moving to Ireland from London

Here’s the ballpark for a move from London to Dublin via road and/or sea transport:

House sizeTime in transitEstimated Cost
1-bedroom apartment2 – 4 days£1000 – £1500
3-bedroom house2 – 4 days£1600 – £2300
5-bedroom house2 – 4 days£2600 – £3750

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Planning Your Move to Ireland Step-by-Step

If you don’t already know the country well, consider renting a property for a few months to get a feel for an area. This may help you see whether you would be happy to live there before buying a house. Most people in Ireland are happy to chat with visitors, especially in smaller towns and villages. Dropping into local pubs is also a great way to find out more about life in a community.

Other Considerations when Moving to Ireland:

1. Visas

UK residents can enter Ireland without a visa for any duration thanks to the Common Travel Area agreement. However, carrying a passport for identification is recommended, especially for air travel, where airlines often require it. While other photo IDs might be good enough for sea and land crossings, always verify with your carrier to ensure they comply with their specific ID requirements. If you are wondering if you need a visa, you can always check the Irish immigration website.

2. Irish Healthcare

Ireland is a member of the EU so visitors need a Global Health Insurance Card (UK GHIC) to receive emergency treatment. After you have registered as a resident, you can access the free public health system or opt for private insurance.

3. Pets

If you have any family pets, there luckily aren’t many restrictions on transporting them from the UK. A pet passport is replaced by an Animal Health Certificate (AHC) post-Brexit. While rabies vaccinations aren’t required, ensuring your pet is microchipped and all other vaccinations are up to date is essential. For dogs, check the latest on tapeworm treatment requirements. Always consult current guidelines from official sources to ensure compliance with the most recent pet travel regulations.

4. Accommodation

Short-term rentals can be expensive in Ireland, especially in Dublin. Thus, it is worth arranging your housing in plenty of time. A deposit plus a month’s rent in advance is usually required.

5. Driving in Ireland

Your car can be imported to Ireland duty-free if it’s over 6 months old. Ensure you have a valid UK driving license, a UK sticker (unless you have an EU plate), and motor insurance proof. Be mindful of strict drink-driving laws and the severe penalties for using a mobile phone while driving, as both are rigorously enforced in Ireland.

Key Insights into Ireland

1. Facts and Figures About Ireland

  • The ROI’s population is around 5 million, with roughly 1 million in Dublin’s city proper and its suburbs.
  • Roughly 300,000 expats from the UK have made Ireland their home.
  • Ireland’s average salary is around €45,500
  • The official languages are English and Irish. Irish is more commonly spoken and prominently present in the Gaeltacht areas, predominantly in parts of the west and southwest.

2. The Emerald Isle

Ireland’s weather is generally mild all year, with June, July and August being the warmest months, averaging around 16°C. January is the coldest time of year, with lows of about 5°C. Thanks to plentiful rainfall, the countryside is always fresh and green. Though when the sun does shine, the Emerald Isle truly sparkles.

Moving to Ireland: Selecting the Right Moving Services

Choosing professional movers for your Ireland move offers peace of mind. They offer protection against damage, possibly saving you a lot of money just in case. Your chosen moving company will orchestrate your relocation according to the services you pick, giving you a smooth transition.

Eager for a hassle-free move to Ireland? Explore the common service packages offered by moving companies:

1. Economic Package

2. Standard Package

  • Furniture disassembly and packing of delicate items (like glassware and dishes) in specialised boxes.
  • Help with unpacking and reassembling your furniture at your new home.

3. Complete Package

  • The comprehensive stress-free choice: movers manage every detail of your relocation, including house cleaning, storage solutions, and assembling furniture.

Each option is tailored to meet different preferences and budgets, ensuring there’s a suitable choice for everyone making the move to Ireland.

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