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Cost of Moving House

Let’s face it: Moving house is not a fun time. Add the high cost of moving house and you will surely be feeling the stress. You probably want to lower the costs as much as possible. But that requires knowing how those costs are actually calculated. Luckily, we have created this guide to inform you about the moving house costs.

The Cost of Moving House

If you are considering relocating to another house, you might be wondering: “What is the cost of moving house?” Before making your decision, you need to calculate the cost of moving and decide if you can afford such a move.

Moving House: What You Should Know About the Costs

With such a big decision, it is natural for you to want to save as much as you can and get the most value out of your money. The amount you pay consists of:

  • Legal and transaction fees
  • Taxes
  • Cost of the removal company

How Much Does Moving House Cost?

The estimated total cost of moving a house is £9,002.04. This is based on the average property price in the UK as of June 2017, as well as average conveyance, estate agent, valuation, and surveyor’s fees.

Type of CostCost Details
Conveyance- Solicitor facilitates property transfer
£500 - £1,500
Estate Agent Fees- Usually between 1% and 3%
Stamp Duty Land Tax- Depends on price of your home
Valuation Fee- Required by your mortgage provider
£150 - £600
Surveyor's Fee- Property checked for structural issues
£250 - £600
Removal Costs- House removal with packing and disassembly / reassembly
Total- Using an average property price of £211,301 in the UK

How can you lower your house moving costs?

The cost of moving a house is a high one. However, you can help reduce this expense by finding the best moving quotes from a removal company. Complete our form and receive up to 6 offers from local movers. With savings of up to 40%, comparing prices is a quick and easy way to bring down your moving costs.

costs moving house

What are the different costs of moving house?

The main fees to consider when calculating the total cost of moving house are:

Conveyance fees:

In exchange for handling the legal aspects of the purchase and sale of a property, solicitors charge a fee. The amount varies but you should be ready to pay between £500 to £1,500.

Estate agent fees:

Fees differ from agent to agent but in general, they range from 1% to 3% of the house sale price subject to 20% VAT. This fee is only paid by the seller.

Stamp Duty Land Tax:

This is a tax paid on properties priced over £125,000. Stamp duty rates only apply to the portion of the property price that falls within each percentage band. The Stamp duty rates are as shown below:

Stamp duty land tax rates

Property Purchase Price Brackets
£0 - £125,000
£125,001 - £250,000
£250,001 - £925,000
£925,001 - £1,500,000

Valuation fee:

Lenders charge this fee when making sure your property’s worth matches the amount that they are lending to you. Valuation may be included in your deal with a mortgage provider as well as part of the property survey.

Surveyor’s fee:

A house survey is needed for all parties to identify any issues with the property. There are 4 types: Condition Report, HomeBuyer Report, Home Condition Survey, and Building Survey. In most cases, a HomeBuyer Report is sufficient.

Removal costs:

Your house removal costs depend on the volume of items, the level of service requested, and numerous other factors.

A real estate agent shows a house to a couple

Reduce your house moving costs

If you take into account all the factors that affect moving specialist prices, it is possible to really reduce your moving costs. When looking at removal quotes, it is necessary to consider the main issues that increase costs. These are:

  • Amount of items
  • Timing of your move
  • Packing services

Amount of items

The removal company cost is greatly affected by the number of items that you would like to transfer to your destination. A larger item load means a longer loading time as well as a higher number of workers required, costing around £20 per mover per hour. Try getting rid of any items that you will not need at your new home to reduce the volume of your belongings.

Timing of your move

Most people set their move dates on the weekend, holidays, and on the first or last day of the month to avoid conflicts with their work. While this is reasonable, keep in mind that removal companies also increase their rates on these peak moving days. Not only are movers working on the weekend, they are also able to charge higher prices due to increased demand.

Packing services

Professional packing can greatly reduce your preparation and loading time. However, if you are moving from a small flat with only a small amount of items, it is a good idea to consider packing yourself. Again, decluttering is a great way to make moving on your own much more feasible.

Combine these with our stress-free removal tips on our moving house page to make your relocation project as cheap and simple as possible.

Save up to 40% to lower your overall moving house costs

A move to a new home is very expensive, with numerous fees and taxes to be paid. Reducing the price you pay for removal companies will really help save money and of course, any amount saved is a good amount. Fill in the form, receive up to 6 quotes, and find the best company for you. It takes only 1 minute and is non-binding, meaning that you can decline the prices if you are not satisfied.

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