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Looking into tailoring your house removal? We guide you through the top 12 removal services needed for a smooth and easy move in the UK and internationally. Our quality service compares 700+ companies and sends you exclusively a list of curated professionals in your area. In our article, you can find additional information about prices to prepare for your move from A to Z.

Cost of Removal Service

Understanding the costs and range of services available is crucial in planning your move. Removal services typically range from £70 to £350, depending on the extent and nature of the services required. Most companies will have an hourly rate for these services or a cost based on the size of your home. Always ask your moving company for an overview of the services and costs.

Below we report the average costs of the most common removal services:

  • Packing Services: The cost will depend on the size of your property. For a 2-3 room bedroom move, the service can cost around £500, whereas for a 1-bedroom, we are looking at a range of £150 to £200.
  • Handyman Services: Expert assistance in this case would cost around £30 per hour. However, the cost can vary depending on what type of assistance you request.
  • Storage Options: Secure storage average at £100-150 per month for 50 sq. Ft. units.

The table below shows the average prices of common removal services that you should expect.

Prices of common removal services

Packing- Professional packing of your belongings
£150 - £400
Packing Materials- Purpose-made supplies for packing
£120 - £150
Disassembly and Reassembly- Help with assembly / disassembly of furniture
Handyman- Expert to dismantle and install electrical and lighting fixtures, appliances, etc.
£50 per hour
Storage- Space if you cannot move immediately
£30 per week
Cleaning- Cleaning of old and new house
£15 per hour
Parking Permit- Price depends on area and trade association membership
£30 - £75
Piano Removal- Proper care and specialist equipment for safe removal
£120 - £480

Please note that prices may vary depending on the moving company and the specific requirements of your move

Take Advantage and Save on Your Move

With all these moving services at your disposal, you can have the bespoke move that you desire. Whether you request all available removal services so you will not have to do any work, or simply require someone to drive your items, a moving company is a perfect solution to any move.

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What Moving Services Are There?

Moving specialists provide a wide range of removal services and can handle anything you need. With many options, your project is completely customizable, depending on the specific details of your move. Below, we list the different moving services that removal companies offer and explain what each involves.

Top 12th Removal Services

#1. House Removals

Removal teams will handle everything to do with moving to your new home. Whether it is just moving down the street or to a new city 150 miles away, the removal company will assist with safely and quickly transporting your belongings to your new residence. With house removal companies, loading and transporting your valuables are taken care of, meaning that your move is going to be stress-free.

#2. Office Removals

Moving specialists are also able to manage your project if you are a business looking to move your office. Various aspects such as employee transition assistance programs, office refurbishment, and disposal services ensure the office move is smooth. Removal services such as office moves will help you relocate furniture, equipment, files, and employees—all while minimising time and disruption.

#3. Furniture Removals

Have you packed up everything and just need to move a few pieces of larger furniture? Or have you recently sold your sofa online and need to deliver it to the new owner? In any situation, moving companies have furniture packing services and personnel that use wrapping techniques to ensure your item is transported without any damage. Make your furniture removal hassle-free!

#4. International Removals

Are you moving to another country for a new job? Or simply just need a change of scenery? An international removal company will be able to make this significant life moment much easier. Offering everything from coordinating shipments to assistance in adjusting to a new culture, moving company services will help with even the most difficult of international removals.

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#5. Packing

Removal companies provide professional packing services to ensure that your prized possessions are secure during transport. Fully trained movers use wrapping, boxes, tape, and covers to protect and properly pack your belongings. Usually, when you use these moving services, removal companies are only held liable for items that they packed themselves. Some movers also have packing materials available for purchase. These are either for your own use or for the movers themselves as part of their packing services. Depending on the company and your package, packing materials may be included in the cost of your removal. Below is a table of average packing materials prices to give you a general idea:

Packing Materials Cost

Packing Material
Large Box (45cm x 45cm x 52cm)
£3.50 each
Medium Box (43cm x 43cm x 48cm)
£3.00 each
Small Box (30cm x 30cm x 48cm)
£2.50 each
Wardrobe box with hanging bar (51cm x 45cm x 122cm)
£10.00 each
Packing Tape (48mm x 66mm)
£1.50 per roll
Bubble Wrap (100m x 50cm)
£20.00 each
Packing Paper (500 sheets per ream)
£12.00 each
Moving Blanket/Cover (200cm x 150cm)
£5.00 each

#6. Special Removals

If you have fragile antiques, large and awkward items such as an old grandfather clock or fine art, you will need a removal specialist to safely transport these items. With specialised training and equipment, such as lifts, cranes, and padding, your precious items are in good hands. Additionally, these specialists often have experience in handling items that require special care during transportation, ensuring that your valuables are not only physically protected but also preserved in their current condition.

#7. Piano Removals

One of the most common removal requests is moving pianos. Pianos require more than just lifting and loading onto a vehicle—they need proper padding and lifting equipment to make sure they are not damaged and stay in tune. Removal specialists offer this moving service so your instrument remains in pristine condition. Moreover, these specialists understand the unique structure and sensitivity of pianos, which is crucial for preventing any internal damage that could affect the instrument’s sound quality.

#8. Cleaning

If you are renting and want your safety deposit back, some removal companies also offer cleaning services. Cleaning is also available if you simply want to make your old home prepared for the new owners and your new home ready for you. We know that moving can leave quite a mess and the last thing you want to deal with is cleaning your new house after a long day of lifting and driving.

#9. Handyman

If you have appliances or electronics that need to be installed but do not have the time or knowledge of such matters, certain removal companies offer handyman services. These handymen install and fix any broken, technical items.

#10. Storage units

Maybe an unexpected issue prevents you from moving into your new home immediately? Or perhaps you simply would like to keep certain items you do not need right away while you prepare your new house?

 Storage units play a vital role in many relocations, offering flexibility and space management. Here are some common uses and benefits:

  • Temporary Storage During Transition: Ideal for storing items when moving dates don’t align or during home improvements.
  • Variety of Sizes: From small lockers for personal items to large units for full-house content.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: Prices vary based on size, with larger units often offering better value.

Maximising the Benefits of Storage Units

  • Climate Control: Some units offer climate control for sensitive items like wine or artwork.
  • Security: Look for facilities with robust security measures like CCTV and gated access.
  • Accessibility: Choose a unit with access hours that suit your needs
removal services

#11. Removal Insurance

Most removal companies have insurance policies that cover your belongings while they are being handled by their movers and in transit. This protects against damage, loss, and theft. While most contracts include insurance coverage, it is usually for a small amount. However, the extent and specifics of this coverage can vary significantly between companies. That is why most removal companies offer options to increase the level of coverage. nd. The cost of additional coverage can vary and usually depends on the total value of the goods being insured.

#12. Administration

Moving companies are also able to make arrangements for various other tasks required for your moving day. These include applying for parking permits or suspensions with local city councils, paying congestion charges, or even arranging for customs clearance for overseas removals. It’s important to note that the availability and extent of these services can vary widely among different moving companies.

Which Removal Service Should I Book?

Deciding which extra service you need during a removal depends mostly on the time available you might have and your budget. For example, to save some money you can take care of packing and disassembling furniture together with your family or friends during the weekend. Another service you might be able to take care of on your own is the cleaning of your old house. However, if you have a time restriction, hiring a removal company that can take care of everything will become the best decision you will ever make.

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Why Choose Professional Removal and Relocation Services?

Choosing a professional service for your move offers numerous benefits:

  1. Expertise: Trained professionals handle your belongings with care, reducing the risk of damage.
  2. Convenience: Comprehensive services like packing, disassembly, and cleaning ease the moving process.
  3. Insurance and Security: Removal firms provide insurance coverage, ensuring the safety of your items.

Relocation: Making Your Move Smooth

Relocating involves more than just moving belongings. It’s about transitioning your life to a new place. Here are some key aspects to consider:

  • Costs Beyond Moving: Be aware of additional expenses like conveyancing fees, estate agent fees, and stamp duty.
  • Downsizing or Upsizing: Consider the size of your new home and plan accordingly. Downsizing might require temporary storage solutions for excess items.
  • Personalised Support: Relocation services offer personalised guidance, from packing tips to navigating the legal aspects of moving abroad.

Compare and Save on Removal Services

Since removal companies can handle so many different tasks, your move will be taken care of no matter the circumstances. From a relatively simple domestic removal with no added moving services to a fully managed removal to another country, moving specialists have the removal services to accommodate your needs.

To make the best possible decision on the level of service that matches your financial requirements, obtain quotes from multiple companies to find the best offer in terms of value.

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