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When it comes to deciding which city to live and work in it is important to The way people move homes and relocate has evolved over the years. Find the latest trends here.

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8 Tips for an easy house removal

Don’t skimp on packing paper when moving. If you are not sure whether to move an item or to sell it, then don’t hesitate to put it into temporary storage. Read more to know how to make your move easy

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5 best cities to move in the UK

When it comes to deciding which city to live and work in it is important to find what you need. To help you with your choice we selected the top 5 cities in the UK for families, young adults or students.

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House issues to look for during survey

A house survey is an inspection of a property’s condition and can identify problems to a prospective buyer. We talked to experts in the sector and compiled a list of the main 4 issues to take into account when buying a house.

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Did the pandemic change the way we move?

Last year’s pandemic made it clear that workers could move anywhere. As the data shows, it appears that there is a large flow of people moving from the city to the rural areas. This is especially true for regions with high concentrations of offices and companies.

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Study: Revealing UK’s moving habits by ranking >300K removal requests

How far would you move to your new home? Based on our research, your answer is most likely to be 81 miles. But it highly depends on where you currently live. We analysed over 300,000 moving requests from the UK and put on our Sherlock Holmes coats.

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Study: 2/3 Of UK Citizens On The Move Say They Want To Leave Town

Roughly half of Londoners wanting to move are looking to move out of the city. We expanded on this observation and found that the national average is even higher. Our findings show that two-thirds of UK citizens wanting to move are looking for a new home outside of their former city.

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