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How to pack your dishes and glasses when moving?

Fragile and often loaded with sentimental value, dishes require special attention to avoid breakage. Here are some practical tips for your move.

Written by Laura

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Preparation and materials needed

Before you start packing your plates, glasses and cutlery, make sure you have the right equipment. You will need:

  • Bubble wrap and/or tissue paper to protect each piece.
  • Strong boxes and preferably of a suitable size to prevent the plates from moving.
  • Adhesive tape to securely close the boxes.
  • Markers to identify the contents of the boxes.
  • Labels to mark your boxes
  • Scissors for cutting adhesive tape, labels or bubble wrap.
Materials to pack dishes and glasses

Packaging advice

To wrap your plates, the “bundle wrapping” technique is often recommended:

  • Place a plate in the center of a large piece of bubble wrap.
  • Place a second plate on top, then wrap the two together. Continue adding plates and wrapping until you have a bundle of 4-5 plates.
  • Once the package is formed, secure it with tape then place it vertically in the carton.

Wrap glasses fully in bubble wrap. Roll them up and stuff the ends of the bubble wrap into the opening of the glass. For wineglasses with long stems it is recommended to first wrap the stem separately for extra protection before wrapping the full glass in bubble wrap.

Arrangement in the box

Packaged plates should be placed vertically in cartons, like records in a vinyl case. This orientation reduces the risk of pressure which could cause breakage during transport. Between each row, use pieces of cardboard or air cushions to stabilize the plates and prevent them from touching.

As for glasses, first cover the bottom of the box with a protective layer. This could be crumpled paper or a thick layer of towels. Stack glasses of similar shape and size together. Start with the bigger, heavier glasses at the bottom with lighter ones on top. Add packing paper or more bubble wrap in between and on top of the items for an extra secure fit. Before you close the box, gently shake it. You shouldn’t hear any clinking or feel a lot of shifting.

After closing up the box, label it according to the contents and mark it as fragile.

Transport and unloading

When transporting, be sure to place the boxes containing the plates and glasses in a secure part of the vehicle where they are not likely to tip over or be impacted. Upon arrival, handle these boxes with extreme care and avoid setting them down abruptly.


Once at your destination, open each box carefully and inspect your dishes. Unpack them on a soft surface to avoid any shock.

3 reasons to let our experts do your packaging

Moving plates and glasses without breakage is entirely possible with the right method and materials. A little time and care when packing can save you a lot of hassle, but what happens when you don’t have time? Hiring expert movers can save your day!


Professional movers have the expertise and experience to handle fragile items like dishes. They are trained in the best packaging techniques that ensure the safety and protection of items during transport. This skill is especially important for delicate items that can easily break or damage if not packaged properly.

Our specialists take care of the packaging too!

Saves time and reduces stress

The packing process can be extremely time-consuming and stressful, especially when you have to manage other aspects of the move simultaneously. By entrusting the packing of your dishes to professionals, you free up time to concentrate on other important tasks or simply to reduce your overall stress load. This allows you to make sure everything is ready and secure without having to personally worry about every detail.

Suitable packaging material

Moving companies have access to high-quality packing materials that are often expensive or difficult to find for the general public. They use bubble wrap, specially designed dish boxes, tissue paper, and other supplies that provide superior protection compared to more generic materials. Additionally, they know exactly how much of each material to use for each type of item, ensuring optimal protection without wasting resources.

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