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Cheap Removals London

Looking to switch homes in London, but without breaking the bank? Fear not, many reputable companies out there offer top-notch services without the hefty price tag. Uncover just how cost-effective professional removals in London can be.

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How Much Do Professional Moving Services in the Capital Cost?

Pricing is often a paramount concern for Londoners, especially when it comes to housing-related expenses, and moving is no exception. It’s important to remember that seeking cheap removals in London doesn’t mean you should compromise on professionalism. Sure, it might be tempting to save a few quid by hiring a casual labourer to do the job – but this can lead to damaged possessions and scuffed walls, making it a false economy.

To make sure your beloved sofa doesn’t end up more ‘vintage-style’ than you intended, and to steer you clear of any other moving day mishaps; we’ve broken down the average costs of hiring certified professionals in the table below. The pricing estimates are based on home size and how far you’re moving, helping you make a smart (and budget-friendly) choice.

London Removal Costs

Number of RoomsLocalLong-Distance
1£150 – £350£400 – £500
2£265 – £400£450 – £600
3£400 – £650£800 – £900
4£650 – £850£900 – £1,000

Compare Moving Quotes in London

Plan your relocation in London now, with both cost and quality in mind.

Fixed-Rate or Hourly Rate?

For a local move within a few miles of your current address in London, most removal firms will charge an hourly rate which can be as low as £55 (see the table below). If you require assistance with packing your belongings, anticipate an additional cost of around £20 per hour for this service.

On the other hand, for longer moves—such as those between north and south London, or from the home counties to central London—removal firms typically apply a fixed rate. This pricing structure takes into account the broader scope of the move.

Number of Movers
Cost Per Hour (2 Hour Minimum)
Packing Cost (Per Hour & Per Packer

Estimating Affordable Removals in London

The rates in the table above are estimates and can vary. But they’re useful for figuring out a ballpark for your removal costs, based on how many rooms your home has. It’s a good way to gauge the workload, and just how low quotes for cheap removals in London can be. For moves quoted at a fixed rate, you can usually ask for a consolidated price for packing services. For smaller homes, these may start from as low as £175.

Smart Ways to Save Big on Your London Move

Although it’s wise to leave the heavy lifting to the professionals on moving day, there are several steps you can take to further cut costs. From decluttering your home to seeking out package deals, every little effort counts towards a more affordable relocation. Here are some insider tips to help you make the most of your moving budget:

1. Timing is Everything

Avoid peak moving times like weekends and the first and last days of the month when rates generally tend to be higher.

2. Gather Multiple Quotes 

Ensure you’re getting the best value by comparing different moving quotes. Booking your removal company well in advance of your moving day is advisable. While last-minute bookings can sometimes also result in cheap deals for removals in London, it often requires a certain amount of luck. When demand is high, prices tend to go up. So, it’s wise to confirm your favourite quote as soon as your moving date is confirmed.

3. Ask About Off-Peak Discounts 

Some companies offer lower rates for moves scheduled during less busy times. Thus, moving during weekdays or in off-peak seasons can help you save some of that hard-earned cash.

4. Declutter Before You Pack

Next comes a tip that almost every tenant or homeowner can benefit from – decluttering. By getting rid of things you don’t use, there is less to move, which can directly lower your moving costs. Give items away to friends, at recycling centres or take them to charity shops before you move!

5. Do Some Packing Yourself

One of the top money-saving strategies Londoners regularly use is to pack the majority of their belongings themselves. You may need some essential clothes for work or school to stay in your wardrobe. But everything else, especially items you seldom wear, can be packed away early.

6. Choose Quality Packing Materials

Opt for hiring durable moving crates instead of relying on cardboard boxes from local supermarkets. While cardboard boxes may seem convenient, they often collapse or fail to protect their contents effectively, especially in wet weather.

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Why Hire Pros for Cheap Removals in London?

If you’re hesitating about hiring a professional moving team, consider that the decision involves more than just surprisingly affordable costs. When you turn to professionals, you gain something crucial: expertise. The invaluable know-how extends far beyond competitive quotes. It encompasses seamless organisation and deep local knowledge, ensuring your move is not just cost-effective but executed with precision and care.

1. Stress-free Logistics

Professional moving companies know the best routes to your new home sweet home, adeptly avoiding restricted streets and traffic jams. They’ll strategically plan the best places to park so that your belongings can smoothly get right to your doorstep. This is especially useful on the capital’s busy streets. Moreover, moving operatives are pros in manoeuvring awkward or bulky items through seemingly impossible narrow corridors or up and down stairs. They’ve done it hundreds of times before.

2. Transport Security

If you do the job yourself, then something is bound to break, and unfortunately, it could be a much-cherished item that perishes. Moreover, the potential for personal injury while lifting heavy items adds an unwelcome risk to any DIY move. On the flip side, professional movers ensure the safety of your belongings and make sure your place looks just as good for its new occupants. They take care of wiping their feet and meticulously laying down protective materials — precautions that casual labourers might overlook due to lack of experience with removal tasks.

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3. Efficient Time Management

Professional movers get you settled faster, thanks to their speedy packing and loading. They stick to a tight schedule, and have the process down to an art, meaning your move will be completed much faster than if you attempted it on your own. This allows you to focus on settling into your new place rather than being bogged down by the move for days on end.

4. Insurance Peace of Mind

With professionals, your items are insured from start to finish. Accidents happen, but with the insurance options that professional moving services offer, you’re protected against loss or damage. Trying to replicate this level of security on your own can make a DIY move costly and complex, making the removal pros’ offering all the more valuable.

Saving Money Following Your Move

Once you have moved, you can pay for professionals to unpack everything for you, but this is a job that many Londoners prefer to do for themselves. So long as each of your crates is labelled in advance, everything should appear in the right place leaving you to unpack at a more leisurely pace. Make sure all the bulky furniture items are in situ and do the rest of the job yourself to save money.

Remember to take a meter reading for the water, gas and electricity on the day that you move in. If the previous occupant has failed to notify the suppliers of the correct reading, you might end up paying for utilities that you have not used.

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