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Best Places to Live in London

If you are planning to move to London, you are spoilt for choice. There are so many different areas, each with its distinctively unique qualities. This article explores some of the best places to live.

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The Cost of a London House Move

Looking for the best place to live in London? First, you should also consider the cost of moving to London. The cost of a London house moving company depends on many variables, such as the distance involved or the number of rooms. Please note these prices are guidelines only.

Number of RoomsLocalLong-Distance
1£150 – £350£400 – £500
2£265 – £400£450 – £600
3£400 – £650£800 – £900
4£650 – £850£900 – £1,000

Don’t forget to note that there may also be additional costs, such as parking, congestion charges and professional packing services.

If you wish to know the rates of a local moving company check out our local removals page.

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Best Places to Live in London for Affordable Housing

London has a reputation for being one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in, yet there are still areas offering surprisingly affordable rental and purchasing options for those with average incomes:


Bexley, for example, is London’s cheapest borough and currently has an average house price of approximately £235,000, comparable to anywhere in the South-East. And being affordable doesn’t mean that Bexley is a horrible place to live; far from it, Bexley has a large number of excellent schools which attract families to the area and residents enjoy a good quality of life.


Bromley, London’s only borough to fall within Kent, was recently ranked as one of Britain’s happiest places to live and is also very affordable. Residents of Bromley enjoy fast commuter links to Victoria and the area has a pleasant village-like feel.


The word on the street is that Havering is a good place to invest in property. As well as being near to the lively hustle and bustle of places like Romford, a new Crossrail link is due to be completed, which is forecast to set property prices in the area on an upward trajectory.

Also, don’t miss our page on affordable removals in London here for more saving hacks.

Best Places to Live in London If Money Is No Issue

If you are lucky enough for money to no be an issue, then you can afford to buy some of the world’s most expensive real estate. Some of the most expensive places to live in London are world-famous and include:


Mayfair is known as London’s ‘most expensive village’ and this leafy and ultra-luxurious part of London consists of 70 streets and 5,000 residents. Once inhabited by artists, authors and playwrights as the number of blue plaques on the outside walls testifies, the houses and flats are now occupied by those who can spend upwards of £1500 per week on a one-bedroom apartment, while the average property price of a home in Mayfair is well over £2 million.

Kensington and Chelsea

Occupying the area to the south of Hyde Park, the central London borough of Kensington and Chelsea has an elegant charm reminiscent of the 21st arrondissement of Paris – and in fact, over 300,000 Parisians reportedly live there. House prices in Kensington and Chelsea have soared in recent years and the average property price is £2,055 million. If you love the TV show ‘Made in Chelsea’ and fancy living the lifestyle, this could be the borough for you.


Also in the Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, Knightsbridge is potentially one of the most expensive areas of the capital. Filled with luxury residences, the area has a reputation for being synonymous with foreign investors, flashy sports cars and plush penthouse apartments.

Of course, it’s also the location of Harrods, one of the world’s most expensive department stores. Due to the number of properties owned by foreign investors, many properties are currently empty, so if you can afford to move into a Georgian townhouse, it’s unlikely that you will disturb the neighbours!

Best Places to Live in London For Young Professionals


Bermondsey was recently named by The Sunday Times as the best place to live in London. The area has been a magnet for young professionals for a while who are attracted by the converted warehouses and loft spaces, and the numerous bars, cafes and artisanal shops, not to mention the independent cinema, which regularly shows arthouse films and the park.

Maltby Street Market, which is known for its delicacies from around the world, is only a short stroll away. Bermondsey also enjoys good travel links to the City.


Shoreditch has been a popular area of East London among hip young things for many years and it is filled with trendy pop-ups, art galleries and hipster cafes. Despite accusations of gentrification, Shoreditch manages to retain an edgy international vibe that makes living there an inspirational and enjoyable experience for many young creative professionals.

East London, as a rule, is considered to be an up-and-coming area to live in with a sense of diversity that paradoxically creates a sense of community.

Notting Hill

Notting Hill, Kensington, is located on a hill and many of its lucky residents quite literally enjoy the high life, with views that extend over the rest of the capital. Over the last twenty years, Notting Hill and its surrounding areas have been extensively redeveloped and are now among the most expensive areas of the capital with hip restaurants, lively nightlife and a comfortable laid-back feel. If you feel like rubbing shoulders with many of the city’s rich and famous, Notting Hill could be the location in London for you.

As you can see, London is a complex city with numerous areas, each with plenty to offer!

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