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Man With A Van

Looking to move house? You’re not alone. A local man with a van will take the weight off your shoulders. Whether it’s a dash several streets away or a move across borders, a man with a van can help you not just with furniture transportation, but with any assistance you need, every step of the way.

This page is your ultimate man-and-van-guide. Read on for everything you should know about their prices, services, and tips to ensure you find the right hire company before you get going.

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The Convenience of Man with a Van Services

One in four Britons will be moving house within the next 12 months. If you’re one of them, then you’re probably busy researching your options. Sometimes the best course of action is to rely on a local ‘man with a van’ – that is, a van hire service whereby the driver does the loading and unloading for you, taking the stress out of moving house.

Choosing a Man with a Van

When it comes to moving, knowing who to trust is key, especially in an industry that’s pretty open-ended. That’s where we come in. Choosing to request your quotes through Get a Mover, means you’re connecting with verified, trustworthy professionals. They’re vetted, reliable, and ready to help. And if you like what you see in their quote, booking them is very straightforward.

How Much Does a Man With a Van Cost?

Our movers like to keep their prices fair and competitive, with a man and van hire starting from around £40 per hour for smaller moves, which includes the driver’s help to assist with the heavy lifting. Their rates are quite affordable for those compact moving projects—from transporting a few furniture items to moving out of a 2-bedroom flat.

Man with van prices can vary based on several factors, including:

  • The hourly rate
  • The distance of your journey
  • The date of your move (e.g. costs increase on bank holidays)
  • The area (urban and international removals cost more)
  • How many items you’re moving
  • The type of vehicle used
  • Any extra services like packing
  • Tolls and extra fees (e.g. congestion charge)
  • Extra services (e.g. disassembly, packaging, reassembly)

Each company will price their services differently, so grabbing a quote is the best way to get a clear picture of what the move will cost you. To give you an idea, we’ve compiled the hourly averages (with a 2-hour minimum) for a mover with a van:

Type of van1 man2 men3 men4 men
Transit Van£40£50£70£90
Luton Van£50£60£85£100
Luton Lorry£90£105£120£135

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Minimum Fee and Extra-Costs

Sometimes, you can request a fixed price instead of an hourly charge for a man and van rental. This might be convenient for you if you want to prepare for possible delays and protect yourself from extra hourly costs.

Tips to Reduce Man With a Van Costs

To minimise your moving cost, try the following tips:

6 Great Reasons to Hire a Man with a Van Service

An experienced professional will assist you as much or as little as you need, giving you a helping hand with your removal without rushing you.

1. Good Value

Not only is this the cheapest type of professional removal service available, but it’s also very flexible. If you find that you need extra help with packing, disassembly, and unpacking on the day, you’re usually able to negotiate on the spot.

2. Comprehensive

A man in a van can handle not only house or office removals and packing services, but also waste disposal, collections and deliveries, transportation for heavy musical equipment, and even storage services.

3. Moving Equipment

Not only is a man & van service your cheapest option, but you typically also usually have furniture pads, straps, removal blankets, and lifting tools included in the price. Some vans even come with a tail lift for bulky items.

4. Peace of Mind

A professional man in a van carries insurance coverage for your belongings and for any accident, you may have along the way. Then there’s the fact that a professional is speedy, efficient, and adept at protecting your belongings. Also, if you hire an entire team, you don’t need to lift a finger.

5. No Hidden Costs

The DIY route, with friends and family doing all the lifting and shifting, may seem cheaper. But when you add up the cost of fuel, the rental deposit, and the risk of damaging a rented van, you’ll quickly realise you’re better off leaving it to the professionals, who are used to being behind the wheel of a van.

6. Convenience

Booking is very easy, you can usually clarify any issues directly with your mover before the day of the move, and there’s no need for them to visit you for a pre-move assessment to confirm that they quoted you the right price.

What Can a Man With a Van Help You With?

A man and van operation typically handles home moves, but they can also assist with various other situations and moving gigs, such as:

Here’s a list of some more things where they can be a great go-to:

1. Furniture Transport

Some companies offer more than just house removal services. These include office removals, furniture transport, or general deliveries and pickups. A mover with a van is particularly useful if you need to move a few pieces of furniture or pick up items you have purchased.

2. Vehicles

Depending on the task at hand, van companies have different types of vehicles to move your items. These differ by their loading capacity. For a more comprehensive look at these, take a look at our removal van page.

3. Delivery

For example, have you just bought a shelf and table from a furniture store? Or maybe you’ve received a sofa from a family member but you don’t have a vehicle large enough to transport it? Then a man with a van is the solution for you!

4. Small-size Removals

With their personalised hourly rate, van companies are practical and inexpensive for smaller moving jobs. So, if you need someone to move various items from point A to B, a mover with a van has got you covered.

How to Choose the Right Man with a Van?

Luckily, it’s extremely easy to find a reliable local van driver on a website like ours. Simply enter the details for the job you had in mind into our online form, and we’ll match you with the man & van service providers in our database. We’ll then display or send the no-obligation quotes to you free of charge.

Rest assured, we only show authentic quotes from reputable man with van hire providers, and our quote lists are 100% entirely impartial.

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9 Essential Tips for Hiring a Man With a Van

Although mover with van companies are relatively cheap, you should still go through some preparation and caution when hiring the services of one. Similar to moving companies, you’re letting someone handle your prized possessions so you want to ensure that they are in safe hands.

Surely, you also want to avoid hidden or last-minute costs so you won’t be overcharged for their services. That’s why you need to gather as much information on your potential man with a van. Here are a few tips to make sure you get your money’s worth, and at the right price.

1. Check the Insurance of the Man With a Van

You should get insurance, either from the man and a van company or a 3rd party, to cover the move. Make sure to check all the provisions and fine print of your insurance policy.

2. Get As Much Info As You Can on the Company

Ask friends and family if they have any experience dealing with man and van companies. Always look for reviews of movers you encounter and don’t be afraid to ask the man with a van about their experience, equipment, and credentials.

3. Know How You Will Be Charged

Will you be paying by the hour or will your final bill be a fixed quote? An hourly rate might sound preferable but you run the risk of higher costs if there are delays due to traffic, key exchange, or other problems.

4. Ask Your Man With a Van to Inspect Your Items Beforehand

This is so they know the size of the job and provide the right-sized vehicle. They will also be able to produce a more accurate time and price estimate. For small moves, some detailed photos may already be sufficient enough for them to assess your item volume.

5. Choose the Right Vehicle

Although the company might suggest a van of a certain size, if you have any doubts, it’s always better to have extra space. A larger vehicle is preferable to one that can’t fit in all your items.

6. Calculate How Long the Move Will Take

This is especially important if you are being charged by the hour. Also, think about whether the move will take more than one trip. If you prefer to shorten the time, you might be better off asking for a larger vehicle.

7. Time Your Move Right

If possible, avoid the peak moving season in the summer. These are the busiest times of the year in terms of moving house, meaning prices might be higher.

8. Decide How Much Work You Want to Do

Will you be able to help with loading the van? If so, you’ll save money by getting a discount or reducing the number of movers to hire. Ask your friends and family to lessen the workload even more.

9. Take Your Time

Even if you are in a time crunch to move, don’t rush. This can lead to a hasty decision that could cause more trouble down the line. Instead, spend some time mulling over your options and be prudent in your search. Make sure to read the contract and website small print very carefully!

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