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Removal Costs

Removal prices can be complex and depend on numerous factors. However, knowing how those costs are calculated can help reduce your expenses and maximise the services of your chosen removal company.

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How Much Does a Removal Cost?

Removal costs vary based on many factors. Based on a national removal in the UK with a maximum distance of 15 miles:

  • The average removal costs for a 3-bedroom house are £1,700, services included.
  • For a smaller 1- or 2-bedroom house or flat, the cost will be around £1,300, services included,

The actual price will change according to your belongings and other factors, such as the provided services and specialisations of your removal company. Some may offer a higher level of insurance while others might be specialists in moving heavy or bulky items. To get a better overview of average removal costs, consult the graphs and tables below:

Example of House Removal Costs

Here are the averages of removals for different size homes:

Number of Bedrooms
Removal Costs
Extra Packing Costs
£420 – £650
£530 – £1000
£800 – £1500
£1200 – £2000
£1500 – £3000

Additional Removal Company Costs and Services

When you relocate you might need extra services to make your moving day easier. Check out the average prices of these additional removal services here:

Optional ServiceAdvantagesCosts
PackagingBoxes and other materials, enough for a four-bedroom home£120 – £150
Disassembly and AssemblyProfessionals take your furniture apart and put it back together£125
StorageYour belongings are kept safe if you cannot move in immediately£30 / week
CleaningProfessional cleaning of your old home after you move out and / or your new home before and / or after you move in£15 / hour
Piano TransportSpecialist equipment and training for moving your prized instrument safely and securely£120 – £480

Calculate Your House Removal Costs

How are Removal Costs Calculated?

Based on various factors, your removal cost can change and become more or less convenient. Below you find some of the most important factors that determine the removal costs for your unique moving endeavour:


The biggest price factor is the amount of items you intend to transport. A larger item load means a longer loading time and a higher number of workers required, at around £20 per mover per hour. Moving is a great opportunity to remove some clutter. Carefully consider which items you may not need in your new home to reduce the volume of your belongings. Try also to calculate the volume of your removal, in m3. This determines the size of the transport vehicle, as well as packing supplies.


How easy is it to enter your old home and destination property? If your house is not easily accessible, a smaller vehicle or special lift might be needed. While comparing quotes, check if the removal company owns any specific vehicles. This will mean that you could get a discounted price for the use of lifts or other vehicles.


The distance between your point of origin and the destination helps determine the costs of transport. Unfortunately, this variable cannot change: to save up find a company with cheaper costs per mile.


Most people set their move dates on the weekend, holidays, and on the first or last day of the month to avoid conflicts with their work obligations. While this is reasonable, keep in mind that removal companies also increase their rates on these peak moving days. To save big bucks on your removal cost, try to plan your move during weekdays or off-season.

Top 5 Tips to Save on Your House-Moving Costs

Based on the core price points mentioned above, here are 5 practical tips to help you reduce your moving expenses and save money:

1. Have and In-Person Cost Estimate

A reliable removal company needs to assess your home to provide an accurate quote. Estimates only over the phone or email are not accurate and you will pay for services that do not match your needs. Communicate clearly to establish a clear rundown of the services and charges that will be billed to you. Visit our removal services page for more information.

2. Ask If Packing Material Costs Are Included

Booking a professional packing service can help you save a lot of time. However, if you are moving from a small flat with only a small amount of items, it may help you save if you tackle packing yourself. Again, decluttering is a great way to make moving on your own much more feasible.

3. Be Flexible, If You Can

One of the most important factors that will affect your final quote is the timing of your move. Removal companies are most in demand in the warm months of the year (May through September), on weekends, and at the beginning and end of each month. Do yourself a favour: Schedule your move on a weekday and avoid unnecessary additional costs!

4. Leave Extra Wiggle Room

Unexpected problems and emergencies drive up moving costs, especially for local moves that charge by the hour. Consequently, you should prepare some buffer space in your budget.

5. Know All Your Expenses

Know that your house removals cost is just one part of the equation—you need a lot of financial resources to cover all moving costs. Also, it is important to know what is included in the removal quotes to save money.

Combine these tips with our stress-free removal tips on our moving house page to make your relocation project as cheap and simple as possible.

Find Out Your Removal Company Cost and Save Money

Since removal costs are affected by numerous factors and vary depending on your needs, the best way to get an accurate idea of the price is to obtain as many quotes as possible. That way you can compare them and pick the price that best matches your needs and budget.

How Do I Compare Removal Quotes?

Here's what to consider to help you decide which of the removal quotes you'll receive is right for you:

1. Required Removal Services vs. Quoted Services

Some quotes will show you the most basic moving service only presenting the best price. This basic service usually includes travelling to you, loading your pre-packaged items in stacking crates, transporting them to your new address and then helping unload them for you.

Other firms will include a much higher basic service level within their initial pricing, such as supplying additional vehicles, if needed, or packing material. In some cases, they may provide more operatives to help the move go smoothly. You may also be offered a single point of contact or moving manager to oversee the job for you as something that is included in the price. Some removal companies may not offer any basic package and charge for every service individually.

We advise you to examine your quotations carefully to ensure that each of the services you need is included in the quoted price.

2. Comparing Moving Quotes' Insurance

Your household insurance policy may have restricted coverage for relocations from one address to another. Check moving businesses' public liability insurance and their coverage for potential damages to any goods in transit. Some will have an upper limit for claims while others will have an excess which means lower levels of claims may not be worth making. This is important if you happen to own precious or rare items which need to be covered at all times. Insurance levels can make a big difference to the price you see and impact greatly on the value for money that one firm is offering over another.

Last Reviewed: March 2024

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