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International Removals

Are you ready to make that big move abroad, or are you returning home from overseas? Moving internationally is a huge adventure that typically involves a whirlwind of changes and aspects to consider. Whatever your reasons for relocating abroad, an international moving company will help you navigate every step of the process – whether you are heading across a border or an entire ocean. Read on for more details on global relocations, such as the process and price for your international removal.

24 January 2024                          Estimated reading time 4 minutes

How Much Do International Removals Cost?

When relocating abroad, your biggest expense tends to be the transportation of your belongings. This is calculated based on the weight and volume of your consignment, the shipping distance and the transit option you go for. Although it is not possible to forecast an accurate cost before you request your international removal quotes, we can reference an estimated range. On average, this is what overseas shipping to some of the most popular countries with British expats can cost:

20ft Shipping Container
40ft Shipping Container
£1,137 - £1,454
£1,984 - £2,171
£6,890 - £7,200
£1,066 - £2,269
£1,915 - £3,507
£6,500 - £7,900
£988 - £2,400
£1,475 - £3,115
£3,400 - £5,700
£424 - £661
£633 - £1,256
£1,555 - £1,719
£434 - £737
£649 - £2,155
£2,669 - £2,948
£1,155 - £1,277
£1,777 - £1,964
£4,620 - £5,106

Add-on Services for International Relocations

Whether you’re moving to a country in Europe or overseas, here are the average costs for various removal services supplementing basic shipping:

Type of CostCost Details
Price Range
Packing & Unpacking- Expert packing and unpacking of your belongings
£75 - £400
Insurance- Varies on amount and type of goods being transported
Starting from £75
Storage- Added cost while waiting on transit for goods
- Secure place for temporary storage
£75 per month
Custom Duties & Taxes- Charged based on the value of goods
- Depends on destination country
Average rate is 5% - 9%

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The Stages of an International Move

Your international removal will consist of 3 main phases:

  1. Collection
  2. Transport
  3. Delivery

Each stage of the moving process is characterised by particular steps and sequencing that your international moving provider can take charge of. Here’s the breakdown:

Step 1: Collection

This first phase involves loading and unloading your possessions, as well as any packing services you may have requested. These can range from self-packing over part packing to full packing, where all your belongings are expertly wrapped and packed by trained international movers to ensure their safe journey overseas. Moving large or heavy items, such as a piano, safe or valuable art and antiques also require specialist knowledge and equipment.

Step 2: Transport

For overseas consignment, you have a choice of transit options: air, land, or sea freight. Ultimately, how you choose to transport your belongings boils down to the destination country and your priorities, typically involving a trade-off between speed and cost.

Land Freight

If you’re moving across the channel to Europe, shipping over land with an international removal van can be most cost-effective and speedy due to the low distance and well-established road connections. You can choose between full and part load, with full load being for the sole use of the removal vehicle space. Part load is more cost-effective for smaller moves though also slower, as the transport space is shared with other customers.


Choosing to transport by plane is the quickest way for long-distance moves, allowing you to settle into your new home much more quickly. While it is the most expensive transit option, opting for airfreight can make all the difference in getting those items you urgently need to you fast.

Sea Freight

Sea freight is the cheapest mode of international shipping. However, depending on the route and multiple other factors, this can also take the longest amount of time.

Full or Shared Container Load

Based on your consignment size, you can opt for a shared container space or a dedicated (sole-use) shipping container of 20 ft or 40 ft. In case you’re sending less than a full house, you may also benefit from sharing a container space with someone else going to the same destination port. This is why hiring a professional to handle your shipment can be so beneficial.

Step 3: Delivery

After the container arrives at the destination port, your specific load is then transported by land directly to your new residence. Your items will then be unloaded and unpacked in their corresponding rooms.

How Can International Movers Help You?

  • Done by trained experts: Their expertly trained teams are proficient in packing for and handling international house moves. You can trust that your belongings are protected at the highest standards.

  • Import and customs clearance: As specialised professionals, international movers are well-versed in the complex logistics and legal requirements involved in transporting your items across borders.

  • Peace of mind: The value of professional help during an overseas move is not to be underestimated. By entrusting your global removal to experts, you can enjoy a hassle-free welcome to your new home.

Hassle-Free International Relocation

FAQs About International Moving Services

Q: Is it possible to delay delivery until I’m ready to receive my items?

A: Absolutely, your relocation company can help you arrange temporary storage solutions to keep your belongings safe and secure until you are ready for delivery to your desired location.

Q: Can I ship my car overseas in the container with my other belongings?

A: Many international moving providers also have car shipping services available. Simply include your vehicle in your quote request to connect with companies that can provide all your needs.

Q: What is international removal insurance?

A: Most international movers offer basic public liability insurance plans. These may not fully match your belongings’ value, which is why we recommend looking into 3rd party providers for more extensive removal insurance coverage. Check out our insurance section here to learn how to find the best policy.

Q: Can you move pets overseas?

A: Absolutely, many global moving companies provide pet shipping and relocation services. Simply include your cats or dogs in your quote request to connect with pet-friendly providers who can help make the transition to your new home a smooth experience for both you and your furry companions.

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