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Moving to Sweden

Moving to Sweden is a wonderful opportunity, especially for those who are nature and coffee lovers. Shipping your belongings to Sweden can seem a daunting task, but with the help of the right removal company, the journey will be smooth. This article will explain more about the logistics of your move.

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How Much Is Moving to Sweden?

The cost of moving to Sweden generally depends on these core points:

  • The weight of your cargo
  • Your chosen transport method: freight by sea, air or land
  • The total distance of your move
  • The timing of your move
  • The shipping route for your items

Let’s check out the ballpark cost of moving to Sweden by sea freight, the most popular option:

Number of Bedrooms20 Foot Shipping Container 40 Foot Shipping Container
1 – 2 £430 – £476£750 – £1,198
3 – 5 £562 – £898£936 – £1,826

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The Cost Factors of a UK to Sweden Relocation

Here’s where the moving company’s quote begins, with a base rate for your move to Sweden. But hang tight, because these core factors can influence the final removal price:

1. Your Shipping Container’s Size

If you opt for the sea freight mode of transport, you can choose between the 20ft and the 40ft shipping containers. Given that the size of your cargo is below 15 cubic meters, you can choose to share your shipping container with other movers, which may lower your overall costs. This is referred to as a Less Than Container Load (LCL).

2. Shipping Delays

Shipping your belongings to Sweden via sea freight is by far the most affordable choice. It takes longer than air freight, but it’s well worth waiting for an extra day or two for a substantially lower charge. Sea freight from the United Kingdom to Sweden typically takes only 2-4 days, while air freight is about 1-3 days.

3. The Services You Add

Let’s be real here: Packing can be a real snooze-fest, especially if you’re dealing with a bunch of stuff. But guess what? You don’t have to suffer through it! Let the pros take that load off your hands and free up your valuable time for more exciting things. Movers are like packing wizards, armed with all the right tools to keep your stuff safe and sound throughout your long-distance relocation.

Speaking of which, most removal experts also have your back with services like storage, cleaning, general repairs and more. They even handle delicate items like pianos, artwork, and family heirlooms. Check out this table for an overview of the top removal services and their ballpark prices:

Add-on Moving Service Costs

OptionsWhat You EnjoyCost
Packing SuppliesCustomised supplies for packing£120-£150
PackingProfessional packing of your household items£150-£400
Disassembling and reassemblingProfessional disassembly and assembly of furniture £120-£125
Storage Store household items if you can’t move to the new home immediately£30 per week
Piano RemovalSafe disassembly and reassembly
CleaningCleaning old and new home£15 per hour
Parking PermitRate depends on the area£30-£75

4 Steps to Make Your Sweden Move a Success

Removal quotes depend on several factors, so here’s a roundup of what matters most to keep your moving cost to Sverige down:

1. Conduct a Pre-Move Assessment

After you’ve settled on your favourite removal firm, why not have them swing by for a home survey? It’s a great way to iron out price estimates and get a sneak peek at how your moving day is shaping up.

2. Certified International Removal Companies

Look for removal companies that are certified members of trade organisations such as the British Association of Removers, and the National Guild of Removers and Storers.

3. Packing Tips

Putting together a moving checklist can help you add a dose of organisation and keep you on track before, during, and after the big day.

4. Compare Several Quotes from Reputable Removers

Time to get the best bang for your buck? Compare prices from various removal companies—it’s the smart move! But hold on, finding the right international mover isn’t all about the price tag. Scope out their services, their qualifications, and what the online grapevine has to say in those reviews.

Your Swedish Dream Starts Here.

A Couple Intriguing Facts About Sweden

As a land of natural wonders and a laid-back way of life, Sweden is an alluring destination for those seeking new adventures and unique experiences. While the Swedes see themselves as an integral part of Europe, they hold their Scandinavian identity close to their hearts. Now, let’s dive right into some interesting facts about this Nordic gem:

1. The Swedes Love Their Coffee

In Sweden, drinking coffee is deeply ingrained with a tradition called ‘fika.’ It’s when friends, family, or coworkers get together for a coffee or tea break, usually with some sweets on the side. Most Swedish residents ‘fika’ every day to hang out and bond. The CBI of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reports, that folks in Sweden sip down about 7.7kg of coffee per year. That’s considerably more than the EU average of about 5kg per person.

2. Swedes Enjoy the Outdoors

Most Swedes love to spend a lot of time outside. Every year, there is at least one outdoor activity that can be enjoyed during any type of weather. The Swedish government has made it very easy to enjoy the nature of this country by giving citizens the Right to Public Access. This gives everybody the chance to roam freely, even in private areas, to set up overnight camps, and to collect berries and mushrooms.

3. The Right to Public Access

The Right to Public Access in Sweden is a valued cultural tradition that comes with a big responsibility. It can be summarised in a simple phrase: “Don’t disturb, don’t destroy”, reminding everyone to treat nature and other people’s property with care. This principle is a vital part of the country’s cultural heritage.

4. July is a Holiday for Many Businesses

Moving to Sweden comes with a very special benefit for businesses. It isn’t unusual to find stores, restaurants and other businesses closed for a whole month, normally in July, while staff members take their 4-6 weeks of vacation.

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