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Moving to Sweden

Moving to Sweden is a wonderful opportunity, especially for those who are nature and coffee lovers. Shipping your belongings to Sweden can seem a daunting task, but with the help of the right removal company, the journey will be smooth. This article will explain more about the logistics of your move.

How to Estimate the Cost When Moving to Sweden?

The cost of moving to Sweden will depend on the following major factors:

  • The weight of the cargo
  • The transport method: sea freight, air freight or land.
  • The total distance of the move
  • The timing of your move
  • The route you will take

Costs for Moving to Sweden

Number of Bedrooms20 Foot Shipping Container 40 Foot Shipping Container
1 - 2 £430 - £476£750 - £1,198
3 - 5 £562 - £898£936 - £1,826

Get Free Quotes for Your Move to Sweden

For your house move to Sweden to happen smoothly, you should not just choose the first company that comes your way. You need to get quotations from several firms but this can be a time-consuming task. A simple way to get trustworthy companies to provide you with a quote is to fill out our quote request form to receive up to 6 removal quotes. The form takes about 1 minute to complete and it is a free and no-obligation quote featuring trusted and reputable movers.

Living in Sweden

Shipping Container Sizes

If you opt for the sea freight mode of transport, you can choose between the 20ft and the 40ft shipping containers. Given that the size of your cargo is below 15 cubic meters, you can choose to share your shipping container with other movers, which may lower your overall costs. This is referred to as a Less Than Container Load (LCL).

Shipping Delay

Shipping your belongings to Sweden via the sea freight transportation method is by far the most affordable choice. It takes longer than air freight, but it is worth waiting for an extra day or two for a substantially lower charge.

Sea freight from the United Kingdom to Sweden typically takes 2-4 days, while air freight takes about 1-3 days. Below are cost estimates for a 20 and 40-foot shipping container depending on the number of rooms worth of goods you’re interested in shipping.

Moving house service costs

Removal specialists offer a variety of moving services such as packing services, storage, cleaning, handyman services, and delicate removals (e.g. piano, paintings, crockery, family heirlooms etc.).


Packing is a very boring and tiring task that can be monotonous depending on the items you are planning to move. However, you can choose to transfer this burden to a removal company and spend valuable time on other worthy tasks. Movers are specially trained and are equipped with the proper packing tools to ensure your belongings are secure during the whole move.

Packing Materials

If you prefer to do the packing yourself, packing materials are available for you to buy. Moreover, some firms include the cost of packing supplies in the packing services package, while others don’t, therefore it is important to have an idea of what prices to expect.

Product Size Cost Estimate
A Big Box (45cm by 45cm by 52cm)£3.50
A Medium Box(43cm by 43cm by 48cm)£3.00
A Small box(30cm by 30cm by 48 cm)£2.50
Wardrobe box
(51cm by 45cm by 122cm) £10.00
Packing tape(48mm by 66mm)£1.50
Bubble Wrap(100m by 50cm)£20.00
Moving Blanket(200cm by 150cm)£5.00
Packing paper (500 sheets per ream)£12.00

Tips for preparing a move to Sweden

There are several factors that comprise removal quotes, therefore we have compiled some tips for you to consider:

1. Conduct a home survey.

After choosing your most preferred removals firm, it is best to have them conduct a home survey. This is important because it will alleviate any uncertainty in the price estimates and you will feel more at ease knowing how your moving day is expected to be carried out.

2. Certified International Removal Companies

Look for removal companies that are certified members of trade organisations such as the British Association of Removers, and the National Guild of Removers and Storers.

3. Packing tips

Creating a moving house checklist can help you to have more organisation and focus when checking off things prior to, during and after the moving process.

4. Compare several quotes from reputable removal firms

There are multiple factors that affect every quote; therefore, it is ideal to compare costs across different removal companies.

Moving to Sweden

A few facts and figures about Sweden

Swedish Krona is the national currency of Sweden and as of 2017, the total population was 9.995 million. Stockholm is the country’s capital city and the main languages spoken in this nation are Swedish, Finnish, Yiddish and Romani. The main system of government is a parliamentary democracy and the unemployment rate stood at 6.6% in August 2018. The country code for Sweden is +46.

The Swedes love their coffee

In Sweden, drinking coffee is fostered via a tradition known as ‘fika’, where friends, relatives or workmates meet for coffee or tea, usually with a sweet accompaniment. Most Swedish residents partake in at least one ‘fika’ daily as a chance to bond. The International Coffee Organization reports that an average person in Sweden consumes about 7.3kgs of coffee per annum, with the EU average about 4.8kgs per capita.

Swedes enjoy the outdoors

Most Swedes love to spend a lot of time in the outdoors. Every year, there is at least one outdoor activity that can be enjoyed during any type of weather. The Swedish government has made it very easy to enjoy the nature of this country by giving the citizens a Right to Public Access. This right gives everybody the right to roam freely, even in private areas, to set up overnight camps, and to collect berries and mushrooms.

The Right of Public Access

This right also comes with the responsibility to treat the natural elements and other people’s property with great care. This is summed up in the phrase “Don’t disturb, don’t destroy”. The Right of Public Access is part of the country’s cultural heritage.

July is a Holiday for Many Businesses

Moving to Sweden comes with a very special benefit for businesses. It is not unusual to find stores, restaurants and other businesses closed down for a whole month, normally in July, while staff members take their 4-6 weeks of vacation.

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Relocation to Sweden from the UK

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