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Moving to the Netherlands

How to move to the Netherlands from the UK? What are the compulsory administrative formalities in the Netherlands? Find all the information and steps to easily organize your move and your installation in the Netherlands.

Cost of moving to the Netherlands

The average cost of moving to the Netherlands from the UK is estimated c.a. £600. Shipping by container is the best solution. Indeed, several of the most important European harbors are in the Netherlands.

Moving Price to the Netherlands

In the table below you can find estimate costs of moving to the Netherlands:

House size 20ft Shipping Container40ft Shipping Container
1-3 Bedroom Flat £234 - £259£360 - £398
3-5 Bedroom House£360 - £600£684 - £756

Be smart about your removal costs to the Netherlands

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Moving to the Netherlands

Estimating the Cost of Moving to the Netherlands

There are several factors that determine the cost of moving to the Netherlands, some of the most important are the following:

  • Distance to be covered and mode of transport
  • The volume in cubic meters of your personal belongings
  • The date of your move
  • Moving services you need
  • Accessibility to your departure and arrival residences

In the following paragraphs, you will find more in-depth information about the variable that can affect the price of your removal to the Netherlands.

1 – Transportation Method when Moving to the Netherlands

There are several factors that determine the cost of moving to the Netherlands. The factors are highlighted below:

Land or Road Transport

Land transportation is the simplest and fastest form of transportation when moving to the Netherlands. Transportation by land is the easiest form of transportation because there is a variety of moving options.

Sea freight

Transport by sea is a good solution for big removals, for example, if you move from and to a 4 rooms apartment. The Netherlands, especially the city of Rotterdam, is part of the main sea route in the European Union. However, this is also the slowest method of transportation. You will be required to fit all your household items either in a 20 foot or a 40-foot container.

Air Freight

Transporting all your cargo by air is the fastest way because it takes 1 and 2 days which is quite convenient. It is also the most expensive way of transporting your cargo since the cost of transportation is based on weight.

2 – The weight of the Cargo

The weight of the cargo is crucial as it dictates the cost of the move. If you choose to move by air you will pay depending on the weight of the cargo, while by road some routes may have weight restrictions and this will mean looking for alternative routes. The longer you are on the road the more you pay the movers, and if you are driving yourself, the more the money you spend.

3 – The Distance of the Move

In most instances moving companies tend to lower their prices during the winter period, therefore, if you are planning on a move and you are on a tight budget then this should be your preferred period. This will also ensure that you get a top-quality moving service at an affordable price in comparison to moving either during summer or spring.

relocation to the Netherlands from UK

4 – Moving Services to consider when moving to the Netherlands

The thought of moving all your household items to the Netherlands is a stressful task. It is, therefore, wise to hire a moving company that will work on your old house and new house so as to make the move easier for you. Below are the moving services that are offered by various our moving companies


The basic function of moving service is to pack and move your belongings into boxes and labelling them accordingly. The best part about hiring them is the fact that they provide their own handyman who disassembles everything professionally when you move out and reassemble them when you move into the new house. They also provide the packing boxes.

Delicate items:

Moving services provide specialized labour that can deal with delicate items like relics, antics, pianos and expensive items like paintings.


The moving service will clean your old house when you move out and also the new home before you move in. Cleaning services for your old house may be important because it’s part of the tenancy agreement and it is a requirement for you want to get your deposit back.


The moving company can also provide storage to store your belongings at a convenient rate that is if you do not want to move with all your belongings.

5 – Access to Your Properties

As a first step, the moving company organises a technical visit to your home in order to accurately assess the volume of your removal. This visit is also essential to check out if there are any issues with the accessibility of your home.

This allows them to better anticipate logistical needs of the removal, such as the rental of a lift, the number of movers needed, truck accessibility to your home, etc. They can also check out your new accommodation in the Netherlands, either via a local partner, or online. Dutch houses, in fact, have very narrow stairs and often a lift is necessary.

This survey will allow the removal company to get you a trustable quote. It is also important in order to properly prepare for the execution of your move while avoiding the unexpected.

cost of moving to the netherlands

What are the Administrative Procedures for Moving to the Netherlands?

For organizing your removal to the Netherlands, firstly, you must pay attention to the logistics aspects of your move. On the other hand, you must also take into account the administrative procedures required when you leave the UK to settle in the Netherlands. Here is the list of the main formalities requested:

  1. Administrative registration
  2. Social Security
  3. Bank account
  4. Registration of your vehicle in the Netherlands
  5. Public transportation card (OV-chipkaart)
  6. Taxes and tax situation

1 – Register as a Resident in the Netherlands

If you move to the Netherlands permanently, you must register with the municipality where you live within 5 days of moving.

What is the BSN Number?

This administrative procedure enables you to obtain your Citizen Service Number (BSN). This number is essential for all of your administrative and installation procedures in the Netherlands. This individual and unique number facilitates all your interactions with the Dutch authorities (taxes, local taxes, health insurance, bank, looking for a job, etc.).

Documents You Need to Request your BSN Number

You can make your administrative registration at the office of your municipality (Gemeente) with the following documents:

  • A valid identity document (national identity card, passport, driving license)
  • A certificate of residence from your owner

If you do not yet have a fixed address, you must register as soon as your rental contract is signed.

It is illegal not to apply for a BSN number if you are resident in the Netherlands for more than 4 months.

2 – Dutch Healthcare

Anyone moving to the Netherlands should apply for Dutch health insurance within 3 months. The Dutch healthcare system offers minimum coverage for healthcare costs defined by the Dutch Ministry of Health. The average cost is € 110 per month.

However, you can choose premium insurance if you want to have additional cover for your dental costs, for example.

How Does the Healthcare System in the Netherlands Work?

The Dutch healthcare system covers part of your medical costs. However, each citizen must pay an “eigen risico”, a deductible, of at least € 385 with basic health insurance. You can change or modify your health insurance only at the end of each year, before January 1.

How to Register With a Doctor in the Netherlands?

Before you can make an appointment for medical consultation, you must first register with a general practitioner. You must choose a doctor in the neighbourhood of your residence. You do not need to pay any fees when you have a consultation with your general practitioner.

Pharmacy and Specialists

In parallel, you must also register to a pharmacy in your neighbourhood. This will allow different practitioners to automatically send a prescription to the pharmacy. In addition, if you need to consult a specialist, you have to make an appointment with your general practitioner first and ask for a prescription. The cost of specialists, if covered by insurance, will be automatically paid.

3 – Open a Bank Account

It’s easy to open a bank account in the Netherlands. You just need to bring your BSN number and proof of address. This is very important as many shops, supermarkets and restaurants do not accept Visa or other credit cards.

IDeal payment system

Payment via iDeal is also the most used solution for online payments. This safe payment solution is offered for free by all the Dutch banks. You can also apply for a credit card based on your monthly income. However, credit cards are not very used in the country.

4 – Vehicle Registration in the Netherlands

If you move to the Netherlands with your vehicle, you must change the registration of your car. You have to pay several taxes for this, such as VAT, but also BMP (vehicle tax) and other taxes. In addition, you must have automobile insurance and pass the Algemene Periodieke Keuring (APK) safety inspection.

What is the Road Tax for Vehicles in the Netherlands?

The Netherlands are not “vehicle friendly”. Each driver must pay a monthly or quarterly tax to have the right to travel on Dutch roads. This road tax called motorrijtuigenbelasting or wegenbelasting, depends on the model of your car.

5 – Request a Public Transportation Card (OV-chipkaart)

Getting around the Netherlands is very convenient. Cycling or biking is the most commonly used form of transportation. The country has the world record in the number of bikes per person! You can also travel by train, which takes everywhere around the country thanks to the big Dutch rail network.

To use public transportation, you need an OV-chipkaart which allows you to travel by train, bus, tram or metro, anywhere in the Netherlands. You can request your personal transportation card online or get a temporary one in every station.

Why Moving to the Netherlands?

The Netherlands hosts a very large expat community. Since almost 94% of the population is fluent in Dutch and English it is very easy to integrate locally. In addition, the Dutch enjoy an excellent quality of life.

Despite a cool and humid climate, there are many outdoor activities (festivals, carnival, cinema, beach, etc.) and the terraces are full in the spring and summer.

Where to Move to the Netherlands?

The province of Holland is the most populous region in the Netherlands, with the cities of Amsterdam, The Hague, Utrecht and Rotterdam.

The Hague

The Hague is home to the country’s political institutions, international organizations and embassies. It is a city with a very family atmosphere.


Amsterdam is the capital and cultural heart of the Netherlands. The highly populated city hosts large European headquarters. But the price of accommodation in Amsterdam is extremely expensive and very competitive.


The city of Rotterdam is home to the first European port. It is a multicultural city with more than 170 different nationalities. Completely destroyed during the Second World War, the city has risen from the ashes. It is recognized today for its bold architectural style and skyscrapers. Its activity is focused on its port, logistics and its petroleum industries.

What you Need to Know About Netherlands

-If you move to the Netherlands, you should know that about 17% of the land is below sea level. Indeed, about a quarter of the Netherlands total landmass was reclaimed from the sea.

-The Netherlands is also home to the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague.

-You will not miss the many canals all over the country; the famous tulip fields which can be visited during the April-May period; gouda which is the national cheese; or the blue Delftware.

-Finally, the country has a rich cultural history and offers big names from museums such as the Rijksmusem, the Van Gogh museum or the Mauritshuis in The Hague if you want to admire Vermeer’s paintings.

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