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Moving to the Netherlands

We have all seen the breathtaking pictures of a huge windmill surrounded by a vast meadow of tulips, well that’s Amsterdam the capital of Netherlands. The Netherlands is a country that has relatively flat land and about 17% of it is below the sea level. It is ranked one of the healthiest countries in the world, so if you’re planning on moving to the Netherlands here is a quick guide for you.

Cost of moving to the Netherlands

The average cost of moving to the Netherlands from the UK is estimated c.a. £600. Shipping by container is the best solution. Indeed, several of the most important European harbors are in the Netherlands.

Method of Transportation

There are several factors that determine the cost of moving to the Netherlands. The factors are highlighted below

Air Freight – 

Transporting all your cargo by air is the fastest way because takes 1 and 2 days which is quite convenient. It is also the most expensive way of transporting your cargo since the cost of transportation is based on weight.

Land or Road – 

Transportation by Land is the easiest form of transportation because there are a variety of moving options

Sea Freight – 

This is the slowest method of transportation. You will be required to fit all your household items either in a 20 foot or a 40-foot container.

House size 20ft Shipping Container40ft Shipping Container
1-3 Bedroom Flat £234 - £259£360 - £398
3-5 Bedroom House£360 - £600£684 - £756

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Moving to the Netherlands

The weight of the Cargo

The weight of the cargo is crucial as it dictates the cost of the move. If you choose to move by air you will pay depending on the weight of the cargo, while by road some routes may have weight restrictions and this will mean looking for alternative routes. The longer you are on the road the more you pay the movers, and if you are driving yourself, the more the money you spend.

The Distance of the Move

Regardless of whether you chose to use air or sea transportation, the longer the distance the more the transport cost. So if you are using a moving company you should give them the exact location in the Netherlands.

The Timing of your Move

In most instances moving companies tend to lower their prices during the winter period, therefore, if you are planning on a move and you are on a tight budget then this should be your preferred period. This will also ensure that you get top quality moving service at an affordable price in comparison to moving either during summer or spring.

relocation to the Netherlands from UK

Moving Services to consider when moving to the Netherlands

The thought of moving all your household items to the Netherlands is a stressful task. It is, therefore, wise to hire a moving company that will work on your old house and new house so as to make the move easier for you. Below are the moving services that are offered by various our moving companies


The moving service will clean your old house when you move out and also the new home before you move in. Cleaning services for your old house may be important because it’s part of the tenancy agreement and it is a requirement for you want to get your deposit back.


The basic function of moving service is to pack and move your belongings into boxes and labelling them accordingly. The best part about hiring them is the fact that they provide their own handyman who disassembles everything professionally when you move out and reassemble them when you move into the new house. They also provide the packing boxes.


The moving company can also provide storage to store your belongings at a convenient rate that is if you do not want to move with all your belongings.

Delicate items:

Moving services provide specialized labour that can deal with delicate items like relics, antics, pianos and expensive items like paintings.

cost of moving to the netherlands

Tips When You are Preparing to Move to The Netherlands

When you are planning to move to the Netherlands there are certain factors that you must consider.

  • The Budget

Your budget is important, even though the remuneration levels in the Netherlands are average, it is essential to find a home that will be in your budget range. Identify an area that you would like to reside in and then find a house in that area that is within your budget

  • The Family

If you are planning to relocate with your whole family, then the kids have to be the top priority, it is probably best for the move to happen at the beginning of the academic year or else they may fall behind on their studies. Your family especially the children need to adjust to the new culture and environment so moving early enough can afford them that luxury.

  • The Moving Company

Moving to the Netherlands is a big deal and you will probably have your hands full trying to obtain all the documents you and your family need. To avoid confusion you can hire a moving company specialised in European removals to assist with the move.

The moving company should be a certified member of the trade organisation, you can obtain several quotations from a number of companies for comparison purposes so that you can choose the best one that fits your budget.

  • Create a Moving Checklist

Create a moving house checklist of items that you want to move with. Use this list before and after the move. This makes things simpler and will also keep you organised.

how to move to Amsterdam from the UK?

What you Need to Know About Netherlands

The Netherlands is the most inhabited nation in Europe with 94% of the population being fluent in both Dutch and English. It is home to the International Criminal Court (ICC).

About a quarter of the Netherlands total landmass was reclaimed from the sea. The whole province of Flevoland was reclaimed during the 20th century. Cycling or biking is the most commonly used form of transportation.

Living in the Netherlands

With its cool and humid climate for the most part of the year, there are many activities that can be done on a weekend within the country like going to be the beach, food festivals, visiting the Dutch castles or even going on a trip along the canals.

If you are a football fan you can indulge in some action in various stadiums within the country, so if you are planning on moving to the Netherlands you cannot lack a weekend activity.

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