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Cheapest International Shipping

Searching for the cheapest international shipping rates for your overseas move? With the rising cost of living crisis in the UK, more and more people are considering this option. However, the thought of expensive international removals might seem daunting, leaving many to give up on the idea of making a fresh start abroad. This is a great shame though as there are ways to secure the best rates for your removal once you know what to look out for. By the end of this article, you may even find yourself pleasantly surprised at the prospects of transporting your belongings for cheap with international moving companies.

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If you’re considering moving to another country, you may find that international shipping can be quite costly. In fact, having your possessions shipped to your new home abroad typically accounts for the majority of your moving expenses. While this cost can at first seem anything but cheap, international movers like yourself can take certain actions to influence the final price. To help you get started on the cheapest way to ship personal belongings overseas, take a look at the key factors that influence the price of international shipping:

1. Transport Method

There are three major ways to move your belongings internationally:

  • Sea Freight: This is the cheapest for moving between continents, though it is considerably slow.

  • Air Freight: This is the costliest but fastest option (also known as express freight).

  • Transport by Land: This option is available for relocations within the same continent, offering a moderate solution in terms of both cost and transport time.

2. The Weight and Volume

The more things you have to take with you, the costlier the haul will be, as prices are partly determined by the weight and volume of the load.

3. The Distance of the Move

The longer the journey from your old house to the new one, the higher your international shipping costs will be and vice-versa.

4. The Time of Your Move

There are two main peak seasons when demand for international hauls increases dramatically. This affects prices, the global supply chain, and even vessel capacity. This first peak is from August to November and the other one during Chinese New Year in January and February.

4. The Itinerary

Some routes are more commonly used, and will, therefore, be cheaper due to competition and greater availability. Similarly, certain destinations are better served (also make sure to consider the geopolitical aspect of your destination country).

International Removals Price Range

The average cost for international shipping from the UK is between £500 and £3000. However, there are ways to further limit the spending for your move and lower the end price. Check out the table below for a few estimations and compare international shipping rates for a move from the UK to some of Brits’ favourite moving destinations worldwide:

Destination Country 20ft Shipping Container40ft Shipping ContainerContainer Airfreight

£1,137 – £1,454

£1,984 – £2,171
£6,890 – £7,200
USA£988 – £2,400£1,475 – £3,115£3,400 -£5,700
Spain£434 – £737£649 – £2,155£2,669 – £2,948
Canada£1,066 – £2,269£1,915 – £3,507£6,500 -£7,900
Ireland£378 – £418£718 – £794£983 – £1,087
New Zealand£2,547 – £2,815£4,839 – £5,349£6,622 – £7,319
France£424 – £661£633 – £1,256£1,555 – £1,719
Germany£979 – £1,082£1,860 – £2,056£2,545 – £2,813

Benefit from the Cheapest International Shipping

When on a small budget, it is essential to be able to compare various moving companies and the services they offer. By obtaining quotes and comparing these, you can benefit from the best offer with the cheapest international removals services for all your needs.

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8 Saving Tips for Your Cheap International Removal

Read on for our practical tips on the cheapest ways to ship personal belongings overseas to the destination of your dreams! Here’s what you can do to minimise expenses and find affordable and reliable international movers:

1. Get Your Quotes Early

Start by requesting free quotes from different international moving companies as far ahead as you can. This will allow you to compare multiple offers and choose the service suited to you at the best price. It will also give you a buffer, which is always good to have.

2. Negotiate

Don’t hesitate to negotiate prices with international moving companies, especially if you have multiple quotes at hand. This is another reason why planning ahead can be so important.

3. Consider Smaller Loads

Many international moving providers offer to share your transportation load with other customers. This option can often be more budget-friendly – especially if you don’t need a whole container! However, it will be necessary to have more flexible dates for your relocation and international shipping delivery.

4. Sort Out Your Belongings

For the cheapest way to move belongings overseas, it is better to reduce the shipping volume and pack light if you can. Many Brits heading abroad use this opportunity to sort through their possessions and either donate, throw away or sell some of their items.

Bonus tip: A clever way to save money and finance your future move could be to explore selling your least precious furniture. Anything that can easily be replaced at your destination might be better off staying behind. This will in turn reduce the overall volume to be transported as well as any import and customs fees.

5. Explore Different Delivery Options

Consider comparing quotes and modes of transportation to evaluate which solution is most profitable for you. Essentially, you could ask your moving company about the following:

  • Basic Transport Option: By choosing only the shipping of your items without any of your moving company’s additional services you can usually benefit from cheaper totals.

  • Do-It-Yourself Option: You might even want to rent a moving van in both countries and take on the first and last leg of transport yourself to achieve the cheapest international shipping possible.

6. Be Flexible

Moving is a seasonal activity and the choice of the time of year can significantly influence the price. For the cheapest international shipping, it is better to favour low seasons such as fall or spring and avoid moving in summer (the busiest period) or during winter.

7. Inquire About Moving Bonuses

If you get transferred to a position abroad within your company, then you may be entitled to a moving bonus or relocation aid. If this applies to you, your move might be partially or even fully paid for by your employer. Do not hesitate to ask HR regarding a moving bonus for your intracompany transfer overseas.

Other Cheap Options to Ship Internationally

In the Internet age, it has become easy to connect and get services online. Some online platforms and social networks offer you the opportunity to get in touch with people who offer their service for the transport of objects over short or long distances.

You could post an announcement for your removal and specify the volume and type of items to be transported or check the available drivers and the specific dates. Alternatively, you could also compare postage prices of international courier services if you wish to send only some belongings.

Don’t Shelve Your Dream of Moving Abroad

Although more and more Brits are becoming dissatisfied with their living situation in the UK, many are put off by the costs and effort involved in settling abroad. Whilst the initial expense of relocating yourself, your family, your belongings, and even your dear pets overseas might feel huge – It could prove to be a more cost-effective option and perhaps improve your overall quality of life.

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