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Cheapest International Shipping

What are the practical tips and tricks to find the cheapest international shipping from the UK? Moving abroad is often a big expense, but there are ways to reduce the costs of moving and instead save your money for your new installation.

What is the Cheapest Way to Ship Internationally?

Moving abroad represents a high financial investment, so how to find the cheapest International Shipping? The average cost for international shipping from the UK is £500 and £3000. However, there are ways to further limit the spending for your move and lowering the end price.

How to Calculate the Price of International Removal?

There are many factors that determine the price of removal based on the volume to be transported, the distance to be travelled and the services offered. But for the same service and depending on the destination, there is a variation in prices. For a tight budget, read our tips and advice to follow (compare, plan, be flexible, etc.) to go to the destination of your dreams!

International Moving Price Range

To help you get started, check out the table below for a few estimations and compare international shipping rates for a move from the UK to some selected countries worldwide:

Destination Country 20ft Shipping Container40ft Shipping ContainerContainer Airfreight

£1,137 - £1,454

£1,984 - £2,171
£6,890 - £7,200
USA£988 - £2,400£1,475 - £3,115£3,400 -£5,700
Spain£434 - £737£649 - £2,155£2,669 - £2,948
Canada£1,066 - £2,269£1,915 - £3,507£6,500 -£7,900
Ireland£378 - £418£718 - £794£983 - £1,087
New Zealand£2,547 - £2,815£4,839 - £5,349£6,622 - £7,319
France£424 - £661£633 - £1,256£1,555 - £1,719
Germany£979 - £1,082£1,860 - £2,056£2,545 - £2,813

How to Find the Cheapest International Shipping Company?

When having a small budget, it is essential to be able to compare moving companies and services offered. You will get an idea of ​​the market costs and the estimated price of your international move. Comparing allows you to get in touch with more than 6 movers to find easily the cheapest international shipping companies. Fill in this form and obtain quickly several quotes to be able to estimate your budget as well as the desired options.   This online request is free and without obligation, receive quotes and if you do not wish to continue with any of these moving agencies, you are free to decline their offers.

cheapest international shipping

How Much is International Shipping?

International shipping can be quite costly, but with some planning and preparation, you can minimise your expenses. Furthermore, shipping companies provide customised services, meaning that rates will differ from one customer to the other depending on their needs. Having said that, the overall cost of moving is subject to a number of general factors, including:

Transport Method

There are three major ways to move your belongings internationally:

  • sea freight, which is the cheapest but slowest;
  • air freight, which is costly but fast (express freight);
  • and transportation by land, which has moderate costs.

Transporting by land is recommended when shipping within the same continent. Sea freight is ideal for moving between continents, while air freight can transport within the same continent or to another continent.

The Weight of the Cargo

Prices are partly determined by the weight and volume of a shipment. Naturally, the more items you transport, the more expensive it will be. If you don’t have enough goods to fill a container, consider using groupage services to cut down moving costs.

The Distance of the Move

The longer the journey from your old house to the new one, the higher the costs and vice-versa.

The Time of your Move

There are two main peak seasons when demand increases dramatically, affecting prices, global supply chain, and even vessel capacity. One is from August-November and the other is during Chinese New Year in January and February.

Also, the rates of shipments requiring controlled temperature environments will be affected by the weather conditions at various times of the year.

How to Lower the Price for a Cheap International Move?

Are you moving abroad in a few months or a year, and you plan to hire a professional mover, but your budget is tight? Note that the calculation of your move includes a share of fixed costs, which are difficult to modify.

But also a variable part with which you can try to act to reduce the overall price of your move. Here are some tips to help you save for a cheap international move:

1. Plan in Advance

No brainer, planning your international move in advance will allow you to compare and choose the service suited to you at the best price. It also gives you the opportunity and the time to negotiate with moving companies. Finally, it is a good way to spread out the expenses of the different items related to the steps of your future move.

2. Sort your Belongings

Packing is an inevitable step in any removal, but it is often an opportunity to sort through your belongings. To reduce the volume of your international move and its price, it is better to pack light. Sort, throw away or sell!

Finance your international removal!

A clever idea to save money and finance your future move. It is even sometimes cleverer to sell your least precious furniture and buy it on the spot at a lower cost, this will reduce the overall volume to be transported but also the customs costs.

3. Transport Sharing

Many movers offer to share transportation during a move; especially if you don’t need a whole container! A solution which is more economical. However, it will be necessary to have flexible dates for your move in and be flexible as to the times and places of delivery.

4. Delivery options

Economic formula:

Whether you choose the economic formula (only the transport of your goods is supported), or even to transport your belongings and furniture directly to the company depot to avoid collection at home, the price will become cheaper.


An alternative that requires more time requires, often, the rental of a vehicle for transport to the collection point. Consider comparing quotes and modes of transportation to evaluate which solution is most profitable for you.

5. Be Flexible

Moving is a seasonal activity and the choice of the time of year can significantly influence the price. For the cheapest international shipping, it is better to favour low seasons such as fall or spring and avoid moving in summer (the busiest period) or winter.

6. Learn About Funding Opportunities

Sometimes moving abroad is partially or fully paid for by the employer; simplicity guaranteed, few steps and zero fees! But this is unfortunately not often the case. However, there are also certain public or private aids for the professional mobility of employees.

Aid and Bonuses for Moving

This can be the case if you move abroad within your company, your collective committee or your private insurance. Do not hesitate to inquire and especially to ask your employer for the possibility of a moving bonus.

Other Cheapest Option to Ship Internationally

In the Internet age, it has become easy to connect and get services online. Some online platforms and social networks offer you the opportunity to get in touch with people who offer their service for the transport of objects over short or long distances.

You can post an announcement for your removal and specify the volume and type of items to be transported or check the available drivers and the specific dates.

You can also compare prices of international courier services if you wish to send only some belongings.

Compare and Select the Cheapest International Shipping!

This non-exhaustive list of tips and advice will help you prepare for your cheap international move. Whatever your final destination and the mode of transport chosen, plan in advance is the number one key to a successful move. Compare the quotes of several professional movers to be sure you get the correct price for an excellent service. Find out about the different companies specializes in international removals, and read the reviews, before making your decision. This online service is free, simple and without obligation.

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