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Moving to Portugal

How to easily organize your move from the UK to Portugal at the best price? What are the steps to settle and live in Portugal? Discover the prices of international movers, our tips for moving to Portugal at a low cost and easily prepare for your removal.

How Much Does It Cost to Move to Portugal?

Moving to another country is more expensive than a local move within the UK. The average cost of a move from the UK to Portugal is estimated at £2500. The price varies depending on the distance and the volume to be transported.

Moving to Portugal Prices

The table below gives you a price indication for an international removal to Portugal using shipping container:

Size Of The House20ft Shipping Container40ft Shipping Container
1-2 Bedroom Flat£879 - £1282£1,660 - £2,256
3-5 Bedroom House £1,450 - £2,080£2,420 - £3,239

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How to Move to Portugal?

The easiest way to move to Portugal from the UK is by shipping containers. However, you should consider the route of your belongings to the port of departure and from the port of arrival to your new home.

How to Estimate the Cost of Moving to Portugal from the UK?

Most moving companies offer a standard rate for removals, which can increase based on the following factors:

The distance:

The longer the distance between your current residence and your new home, the higher the moving price. Movers have little control over this factor, hence you can focus on other variables that may reduce the total cost of the move.

The date of the removal:

Most people organize their removal during vacations, weekends and the beginning and end of the month to avoid taking time off from work. Therefore, moving companies charge higher rates during these periods of high demand. To get the best rate, be flexible on your moving date.

The weight of the cargo:

The movers will estimate the weight of your belongings to determine the cost of moving them and identify the most suitable truck or shipping container size to carrying them.

The cost may be higher if you have fewer items compared to the size of the truck or container. In this case, the removal company provides a quote that will reflect the real cost of moving the load.

Removal services:

Finally, the price of moving from the UK to Portugal will fluctuate based on the options and removal services you choose. For example, do you want to leave the packing of your belonging to the movers? Would you like to use cleaning services after moving? The moving price estimate should also consider the accessibility of the house or the need for special equipment (freight elevator, number of movers required, etc.)

Moving Services Costs

This table provides an overview of the main removal services and their price range:

OptionsWhat You EnjoyCost
Packing SuppliesCustomised supplies for packing£120-£150
PackingProfessional packing of your household items£150-£400
Disassembling and reassemblingProfessional disassembly and assembly of furniture £120-£125
Storage Store household items if you can't move to the new home immediately£30 per week
Piano RemovalSafe disassembly and reassembly
CleaningCleaning old and new home£15 per hour
Parking PermitRate depends on the area£30-£75

Moving to Portugal After Brexit

According to the UK Government’s website, there are some agreements in place for UK nationals already living or planning to move to the mainland countries of the European Union. Check out the latest news about these agreements before planning your move.

After the Brexit Implementation Period, you would have probably to request a visa to live in a European country, if you wish to live in Portugal for a long term period.

Administrative Procedures for Moving to Portugal

To move to Portugal, as for any international move, you must comply with a certain number of procedures and formalities required for settling in your new host country. Discover below the main steps to take:

Customs formalities:

As a British citizen who wants to relocate to Portugal, you must conform to the customs formalities.
The removal company can help you regarding the necessary documents and the lists of objects you cannot take with you.

Residence permit:

You must request a residence permit from the Serviço de estrangeiros e de fronteiras (SEF). This request can be made in your new town hall or municipality of residence in Portugal.

What are the Formalities to Live in Portugal?

To succeed in your installation in Portugal, be aware of the compulsory steps to take to have the right to live and work in Portugal:

1 – Request your Tax Identity Number:

The Numero de Indentificacao Fiscal (NIF) is essential for settling in the country after moving to Portugal. This number gives you the right to claim coverage and social security in Portugal, to open a bank account, pay tax, finding a job and to exercise a business.

2 – Social Security:

Your NIF number gives you the right to be registered with the healthcare in Portugal the Portuguese Health Services (SNS). You can make your request via the Portuguese public services website.

3 – Open a Bank Account:

To open a bank account in Portugal, you must have the following documents:

  • Identity document (national identity card or passport)
  • NIF number
  • Proof of residence in Portugal (electricity, water or telephone bill)
  • Tax notice
  • Proof of profession or of your special status (employment contract, payslip, retirement pension certificate, etc.)

Please note that you are still subject to the exchange rate in force between the euro and the pound!

4 – Car Registration in Portugal:

If you choose to import your car or motorcycle to Portugal, you must change the registration of your vehicle and take insurance. There is, in fact, an automobile tax in Portugal. You risk exposing yourself to a fine for non-compliance with these regulations.

Relocation to Portugal

Why Move to Portugal?

Portugal is a privileged destination for British citizens who want to settle down to retire or start a new life. The number of British who have moved to Portugal has increased significantly. They represent more than 49000 British living in Portugal.

Where to Live in Portugal?

The Brits choose the cities of Lisbon and Porto for living in Portugal. Indeed, if you relocate to Portugal with your family, you might look for international schools for your kids, mostly in the big cities. The coastal towns of the Algarve are also popular, such as Faro, Albufeira, Lagos. Further north, the vineyards of the Douro or Évora region also attract British expats.

Cost of Living in Portugal

Portugal offers a high quality of life for British citizens. Indeed, the cost of living in Portugal is almost half the cost of living in the UK. The daily items’ prices are on average 30% lower than the same items in the UK. However, when considering house costs, heating is one of the most important items, as accommodation is often poorly equipped or insulated.

Purchasing Power in Portugal

Below you can find average prices of essential goods in Portugal compared to the UK:

Restaurant€8 menu£26 menu

Culture in Portugal

The country is predominantly Roman Catholic and values family ethic. Its rich culture is a result of many influences: the Germanic, Viking, Celtic, Phoenician and Visigoth, among others. Over the last few years, the country has gone through a renaissance in its arts and has designated Lisbon, Guimaraes and Porto cities as the capitals of culture.

Portugal is also known for its rich fish cuisines. The salted cod has been the main focus of the country’s diet for years.

Climate in Portugal

Portugal offers very different geography between its regions. For example, in the south with the seaside resorts or in the northern land and vineyards. The climate in Portugal is therefore influenced by the latitude and proximity to the sea.

There are fairly cold winters in the north, in the regions close to Porto. While the winter is milder in the south, in the area of Algarve. On the contrary, the summers can be very hot thanks to the Atlantic and Mediterranean influences.

Tips for Moving to Portugal from the UK

Relocation to Portugal is not an easy task. It is easy to get overwhelmed by the administrative procedures necessary for your move. To avoid this, plan your move adequately. In addition to hire a moving company on time, here are other tips to better organize your relocation to Portugal:

Moving Checklist

To plan your removal, we recommend you a moving checklist. This allows you to keep track of all the steps you need to take for your move from the UK to Portugal. But it will also allow you to better plan your time according to the stages of your move.

Create a folder where you keep all the documents related to your moving company, receipts and other essential documents required for the move.

Moving schedule

Moving to Portugal and leaving the UK is not a one-day service. An expatriation project requires time to plan and complete all the necessary steps. Setting up a schedule allows you to prioritize actions to be organized.

This particularly concerns your current accommodation, when to contact international moving companies though your work, procedures for you and your family (such as school) etc.


An international removal can have a high cost and it is, therefore, important to estimate your budget carefully. Evaluating your budget based on expected moving costs, but also on all the expenses you will have once you’re settling, helps you to save money.

Take also the time to find out if you can benefit from moving assistance or certain compensation from organizations or your employer.

Hire a Reliable Moving Company

Hiring a professional moving company saves you a lot of time for a smoothly executed UK to Portugal removal. Price should not be the only determining factor when choosing an international moving company. Indeed, you must also examine the type of services offered and professional references and certifications. Online consumer reviews are also very useful in the decision-making process.

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