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Moving to Switzerland

You are one lucky person if you are planning on moving to Switzerland! Not only does the country have world-class chocolates and watches, but it’s also one of the world’s best places to live and be happy. There’s plenty to look forward to your new life abroad, but first, read on to learn about the logistics of getting all of your belongings to your soon-to-be new home.

Moving to Switzerland

Cost of Moving to Switzerland

There are several factors that determine the total cost of moving to Switzerland, such as the mode of transport, total distance of the move, and the weight of your cargo. There are three main methods of transport from the UK to Switzerland:

1. Air Freight – Air transport is by far the fastest method because you can get your items within 1 to 3 days. However, air freight is the most expensive means because the cost is calculated based on weight.

2. Road – It is possible to transport your items by road using lorries. However, if you plan on driving yourself, you can be sure of a very tiring journey. You also need to know the best and shortest routes to your destination. You should also be aware that if you are driving between November and March, you have to be extra careful because driving in the winter can be hectic. If you really want to move by road, get yourself a reliable moving company that will help you move.

3. Sea Freight – Sea freight is convenient, especially if you are transporting bulky household items such as furniture or even your car. If you are transporting your goods by sea, it could take almost a week for your goods to get to the port. Despite being slow, transporting goods by sea is cost effective and won’t break your bank. Besides, you need to save every penny so that as you start living in a new place you have enough savings.

The Distance of the Move

The further away your end destination is within Switzerland, the more expensive it is to move your goods there. However, given that Switzerland is somewhat small compared to other EU countries, the cost should not vary significantly between cities. Most removal companies will give you a final quotation based on the distance.

The weight of your cargo 

Ideally, with sea freight, one can use either a 20 foot or a 40-foot container for shipment. The 20-foot container is enough to transport goods that previously fit a three bedroom house. If you live in a four or five bedroom house plus a car, then the best choice is a 40-foot container. If you have few belongings, then you can have shared space with other clients who want goods transported. If so, consider requesting a quote for LCL or Less Than Container Load Shipping.

House Size20ft Shipping Container40ft Shipping Container
1-2 Bedroom Flat£900 - £1,300£1,700 - £2,255
3-5 Bedroom House£1,550 - £2,100£2,420 - £3,250

Request your quotes and save when moving to Switzerland

Our platform has over 230 companies that are vetted and are proven to be reliable for our clients. What’s more is that, once you request a quote, you receive up to 6 free quotations that are non-binding. After you make comparisons, then you can decide on which removal company to use for your relocation to Switzerland. So, what are you waiting for? Request your quote today and achieve your dream of living in Switzerland.

Moving to Switzerland

Moving Services

Moving a whole house can be a daunting exercise especially if you are planning on doing it alone. Other than transporting your goods, you also require an end of tenancy cleaning which will most likely determine whether you will get back your deposit. As such, you need cleaning services, packing services, a handyman to fix and remove all appliances, and storage services if you won’t be moving immediately. All these services are offered by moving companies. Here is an analysis to give you a probable estimate of the cost.

Service Description of Service Cost Estimate
Packing Your belongings will be packed neatly in boxes.£150 - £400
Packing Materials You get packing materials meant for each product£120 - £150
Disassembly and Reassembly Any assistance when assembling and disassembling items such as bulky furniture is accorded£125 - £200
HandymanA professional who will fix and unplug all electrical items carefully£50 per hour
StorageYou can store your belongings if you don’t plan on relocating immediately£30 per week
CleaningBoth your old and new house can be cleaned for ease of occupancy£15 per hour
Parking Permit the cost is dependent on area and trade association membership£30 - £75
Delicate Items Piano Removal Safe packing and care of delicate items such as pianos are offered£120 - £480

Moving to Switzerland

Tips for Preparing a Move to Switzerland

Conduct a Home Survey

As much as Switzerland has some of the best paying jobs around the world, living can be expensive especially the cost of housing. You should, therefore, conduct a home survey in your target area and choose a house that suits your budget.

Choose a Removal Company

An ideal European removals company should be a certified member of trade organizations. The company should also offer you a free quotation and guarantee the safety of your items. You should get quotations from several companies so that you can compare and opt for the cheapest.

Packing Tips When Moving to Switzerland

It is recommended that the ideal time to start packing up is about eight weeks prior to the moving day. Within those weeks, pack all items that you rarely use first. Also de-clutter the house to get rid of rubbish. As you pack, put items in boxes and label them for easier unpacking.

Most packers and movers will issue you with wrapping papers and if you want, they can even pack for you. Besides packing for you, the moving companies will also unpack once the goods arrive at your new home in Switzerland.

Moving to Switzerland

Restrictions on Goods

Switzerland has some restrictions on certain goods and one is required to pay customs for them. Besides, some products also have some quarantine limitations. If you are required to pay duty for any item, it adds to the total cost of your relocation. It is also worth noting that you can only move to Switzerland with the goods you have owned for over six months.

Facts and Figures About Switzerland

Switzerland is known for its good standards of living for both the residents and the visitors who choose to live in the country. Despite the fact that Switzerland is not a member of the European Union, UK citizens make up about 40,000 to 60,000 of the population in Switzerland. Besides, the country has some of the best sites for visitors to explore.

Switzerland has a population of slightly above 8 million people. Out of these, about 1 million of the population is composed of foreigners. There are four national languages namely: German, French, Italian, and Romansh. The system of government in the country is direct democracy and whenever there is a need for change in the government, a referendum is conducted.

Hiking is the country’s main sports activity. No wonder, over weekends the towns are deserted as people result for the mountains. The country has many hills, plateaus, and mountains which the residents love exploring. Switzerland is characterized by warm temperatures in the plains and winters almost all year round in the mountainous regions. It is also important to note that about 62 per cent of the country is composed of mountains.

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Moving to Switzerland


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