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There’s so much to look forward to when planning a move to Germany. Not only is the country continuously growing in cultural, social, and economic areas, but it also has just the right variety of sausages and beers to keep your belly happy! Before you start savouring your new life in Germany, read on to learn about the logistics of your move.

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Top 3 ways to save on your move to Germany

In the midst of planning for a move to Germany, finding ways to save on your international removal costs can definitely come in handy. Check out our top three ways to save:

  • Opt for the cheapest mode of transport: sea freight. When it comes to deciding how to get your belongings to Germany, you’ll probably come across two main transport options: sea and air freight. Shipping your belongings to Germany via sea freight is, without a doubt, your most budget-friendly option. It will take longer than by air, but it is so worth waiting an additional day or two of transit for a substantially lower cost. Your wallet will thank you!
  • Consider Germany’s largest port, Hamburg. Of the three main shipping ports located in the north, Hamburg, Bremen, and Wilhelmshaven, the port of Hamburg is the biggest one in all of Germany. From there, you have the choice of shipping your belongings via train or truck to your end destination.
  • Total weight and size of your cargo. Consider LCL. There are two main shipping container sizes, 20ft and 40ft. Oftentimes, your belongings may not work out to fit those exact sizes, so it is important to know that your shipping container cost may fluctuate quite a bit if you have less or a bit more stuff than what fits in each container. If that happens to be the case, then your removal company can give you a quote that reflects the Less Than Container Load.
House Size 20ft Shipping Container 40ft Shipping Container
1-2 Bedroom Flat £879 - £1,282£1,660 - £2,256
3-5 Bedroom House £1,450 - £2,080£2,420 - £3,239

Compare and save on your move to Germany

Moving abroad sometimes feels like you are working with a never-ending to-do list. However, by filling out our quote request form, you will receive up to 6 personalised quotes, which will make it easy for you to pick the best offer.

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High quality of living all throughout Germany

No matter which city you decide to make your home, you are guaranteed a high quality of living. According to a study by Forbes on the Top 25 Best Cities For Quality of Life 2018, Germany had the highest number of cities listed, with a total of 6. From the German capital of Berlin to Munich, the heart and soul of Bavaria, there are plenty of different environments to choose from. Other cities with a high-quality ranking include Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, and Nuremberg. It’s hard to go wrong when choosing Germany as your home country!

Renting an apartment in Germany

Due to Germany’s high population density, renting apartments is more common than buying. Just like in any other European city, apartments are priced significantly higher in prime tourist areas and business cities life Frankfurt or Cologne. The further away from the city centre, you search, the cheaper accommodation you’ll come across.

A few facts and figures about Germany

Check out the below table with important facts and figures about Germany, your soon-to-be home.

Topic Information
Currency Euro
Population 82.79 million people (2017_
Capital Berlin
Language German
Government Type Federal Republic
Unemployment Rate 3.4% (August 2018)
Country Code +49
Average monthly disposable income €1,833 - €2,291

A quick guide to German Visas and Permits

If you’re a citizen of the European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA, EU plus Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) or Switzerland, you don’t need a German visa or residence permit.
Citizens from outside Europe typically need to apply for a Visa or permit to visit, live, work or study in Germany for longer than 90 days.

As for UK nationals, according to The Citizens Rights Agreement, British citizens and their family members who are already lawfully residing in the European Union will be able to continue living in the EU before the end of the Brexit implementation period (December 31, 2020). If you are legally living in the EU by the end of the implementation period, you will be covered by the Withdrawal Agreement and will be able to continue residing in your country of residence.

Germans celebrate big!

Germans make up for their reputation of being rather serious with vibrant traditions dotting the calendar. Aside from the famed Oktoberfest, many other celebrations, such as magical Christmas markets, festive Carnival, and world-famous music festivals will keep you busy all throughout the year.

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Hearty German cuisine

You’ve probably heard this before: Germans drink a lot of beer. That is not only a stereotype. According to Statista, in 2017, Germany consumed an average of 101.2 litres of beer per capita! This puts Germany as the second largest beer consumer in Europe, behind the Czech Republic. As for the other stereotype, sausages, they can certainly be found all over the place, but there’s plenty more to be found in the German gastronomy.

Germany, in the heart of Europe

Germany is one of the prominent financial and political centres in Europe. It has a strong political standpoint and works ethic among leading world industries. It’s global position as a leading country for international business means that English is widely spoken throughout the country, making it fairly easy to immigrate as an expat.

Be smart about your removal costs. Save Now.

Time is money, and it’s better to shop around for the best removals service and quotes. Fill out our request form to receive personalised quotes from trusted service professionals who are ready to make this move! No matter how picky or needy you may be, we have all the right tools and know-how to make this journey as seamless as possible!

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