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Piano Removals

If you own a piano, you know that it is very delicate to move. The weight alone (up to 1000 lbs-500 kg )could make the average gym enthusiast tremble. These beautiful instruments are a wonderful part of your home, so they have to be handled carefully for transport. That is why, if you need to move your piano, it is essential to get professional assistance. This page gives all details on the prices of piano removals, as well as the included service.

How Much Does it Cost to Move a Piano?

As with regular moves, calculating an exact price for your piano removal can be complicated. This is because there are so many factors at play here. Piano removal costs are determined according to:

  • The type and size of your piano
  • The distance to your new location
  • Accessibility of your piano
  • Time constraints
  • The choice between an hourly rate or a set fee.

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How Do Removal Company’s Rates Work?

Each moving company has its way of calculating prices. In general, piano removal companies have two billing methods:

  • An hourly rate, with a minimum charge of 2 or 3 hours
  • A set fee, determined by the factors mentioned above

Average Costs of Piano Removals

In the UK, piano removal costs vary significantly:

  • The cost typically ranges from £50 to £650, with an average of around £300.
  • Moving an upright piano locally may cost between £150 to £300.
  • For grand pianos, local moves may range from £300 to £600.
  • Longer distances and additional services can increase these costs, sometimes reaching £1,900.

To get an accurate estimate, it’s best to directly contact piano removal companies.

What’s Involved in Piano Removals?

Pianos are wonderful instruments that create beautiful sounds. Unfortunately, they are also very delicate, heavy, and awkward to handle. That is why moving them can be so difficult. When transporting a piano, moving companies will take extra care. These are the services included in a piano removal:

  • Planning: Movers assess your piano and home to devise a strategy, ensuring a clear path for removal.
  • Handling the Piano: Utmost care is taken to protect the piano’s internal and external parts.
  • Carrying: Pianos are often moved using a dolly, with lifting straps or portable ramps for stairs.
  • Securing: Once on the removal truck, the piano is fastened securely.
  • Special Equipment: For complex moves, hand-operated lifts or cranes may be used.

Is Hiring Piano Movers Necessary?

Yes, especially if you want to maintain your piano condition and avoid the very heavy task. Professional piano movers are equipped with knowledge, experience, and specialised equipment to safely and efficiently transport your piano, minimising the risk of damage.

Can you Move your Piano Alone?

This is not advisable. You might think that you can get the job done with a few friends, however, think about the risks.

Due to the risks and the piano’s weight, going the DIY route for your piano removal is not a smart idea. Go for the safe and sensible option to ensure that your piano remains in tune and good condition.

Save on Piano Removal Costs

Think about the value of your piano—some are worth thousands of pounds—and it’s easy to understand why hiring professional piano movers is your best course of action. Compare up to 6 companies on Getamover.co.uk and find the best piano movers at the best price!

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