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Storage Unit Prices

In 2024, the UK average price for storage units hovers around £27.19 per square foot. Sure, a unit’s location and features, plus your rental length and pod size all affect your storage room quotes. But the big question is, what should you really be paying?

Whether you need a secure spot for your furniture and personal items or some extra space during home renovations – we’re here to break down 2024’s self-storage prices in the UK.

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Average Storage Unit Prices: What Should You Pay?

When you’re moving the contents of a single room to a storage unit – (think furniture, mattresses, and home appliances or devices) – you’d ideally go for a storage space that has at least 70 cubic ft. of size, which may average to a storage unit price around £72.50 pcm.

Remember that there are some restrictions as to what types of items are allowed in a commercial storage facility. That includes perishables, flammable, explosive and hazardous items or materials.

Take a look at this estimated monthly storage unit cost overview, by the size unit you may need based on the number of rooms you’re looking to put in storage:

Storage Unit SizeAppropriate For
Monthly Price (excl. VAT)
25 sq. ft.Boxes / bags / small furniture
50 sq. ft.Extra furniture / wardrobe
80 sq. ft. 1 – 2 bedroom house
100 sq. ft.3 bedroom house
160 sq. ft.4 bedroom house
320 sq. ft. 5 – 6 bedroom house
640 sq. ft.Large house + attic + garage / large business

Storage Unit Prices by Region in 2024

If you’re eyeing storage options in a city centre or high-demand places like London, brace for higher-than-average costs. On the flip side, the Midlands, the North and Wales offer some of the lowest-cost storage units.

Here’s a rundown of regional average prices for storage units (before VAT or insurance costs) according to the latest Annual Industry Report by the UK Self Storage Association:

RegionAverage Cost Per Sq. ft (excl. VAT)
East Midlands£19.16
West Midlands & Wales £19.62
Yorkshire & Humber £22.53
East of England £29.99
North England £20.87
South West £21.95
South East£28.07

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Can You Find Cheaper Storage Unit Prices?

Let’s break down how storage providers calculate your quotes, and why the cheapest option may not always be the best. We’ll also spill the beans on how to get the best-value storage deal for your money:

1. Unit Location

Location is a major factor in storage room prices, just like with most local removal services. Generally, the closer to the city centre or in-demand areas you’re looking to rent your storage unit, the more you’ll have to shell out.

Choose based on access needs and transport options. Frequent visits? Go for a facility nearby. Long-term storage? Opt for savings, even if it’s a bit farther out.

2. Square Footage

There are all sorts of storage sizes available: from small lockers, all the way to very large storage rooms to fit the entire contents of your house. Rates are typically calculated on sq ft.

Bigger units usually mean lower costs per square foot. So, you might want to go larger instead of cramming your items, as the price per sq. ft. tends to drop.

3. Rental Length & Discounts

Naturally, storage room prices also change based on how long you’ll rent the space. According to the SSA’s resource, about 20% of storage users in the UK rented their units for 5+ years.

Check if your facility has any introductory discount deal, often it’s 50% off for the first 8 weeks. Many offer long-term storage deals too. And, some providers offer discounts for:

  • NHS, Military, or Emergency Services employees
  • Students with NUS cards

4. Compare Storage Providers

As self-storage prices and discounts can vary so greatly between different companies, it’s a great idea to compare different storage providers and their quotes. So, don’t rush into a decision and take your time before you commit. By doing so, you can find the perfect storage deal that fits your needs and budget like a glove!

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5. Item Value & Insurance

Removal and storage providers aim for perfection, especially when it comes to keeping your belongings safe and secure. However, in the rare event that your items face any issues during storage, you’ll need to opt for the Enhanced Liability offered by your moving or storage firm or have your own external insurance in place. The price of Enhanced Liability will vary based on the replacement value of your belongings.

Adding-on insurance for your stored items can cover everything, even valuable ones, for setbacks like damage or theft – potentially saving you a lot of money in the event.

6. The Facility’s Security Level

Most all storage facilities are equipped with alarms-systems, well-lit spaces and have CCTV as basic security included in the package price. Storage units which are more modern, usually provide additional surveillance, emergency lighting, and access control.

Ask your facility what security measures and surveillance they have, and whether you’ll need to buy your own heavy-duty padlock (avg. cost £12-£14) to lock your self-storage.

7. Storage Unit Amenities

The amenities and security measures vary between different providers. In storage, special care is needed for items like artwork, wood, leather furniture, and antiques. So, if you’re looking to keep any of these items stored, you’ll need a facility with climate-controlled environment, maintaining a specific temperature (and, in some cases, humidity level too).

Why Can Moving Companies Offer the Best Storage Unit Rates?

Moving companies have a unique advantage when it comes to providing competitive storage unit prices.

  • Large professional removers have a network of partnered storage units, and benefit from economies of scale, allowing them to secure special pricing and pass it on to their customers.
  • Most moving companies also provide all-inclusive solutions that cover both removal and storage services, so they can offer packages at more affordable rates. And, some even possess their own storage facilities.

Our trusted removal firms constantly strive to deliver attractive pricing to win your booking, making them a savvy choice for your storage needs. Whether you’re moving house, need short-term, long-term, student- or business storage – Just fill out our simple form, and we’ll connect you with up to 6 local self-storage providers!

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