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Celebrating National Good Neighbour Day

Have you ever heard of National Good Neighbour Day?

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National Good Neighbour Day is celebrated on the 28th of September every year. It is a day that is centred around encouraging everyone to be good neighbours, with the long-term goal of building a thriving community. If you have a close bond or good relationship with your neighbours, now is the perfect time to showcase to them that you are glad they are next door. 

Remember, you don’t have to have a friendship with your neighbour to acknowledge them as being good people. Does your neighbour sometimes bring over extra baked treats? Do they mow your front lawn when they are doing their own? Do they even just give you a friendly smile and greeting when walking past you? That is not just an okay neighbour, that is a fantastic one!

These are the sorts of things that you should recognise and commend on National Good Neighbor Day. At the end of the day, we are pretty sure that everyone has heard at least one nightmare story about a neighbour!

So Why Do we LOVE National Good Neighbour Day?

  1. It creates opportunities to help: National Good Neighbour Day helps to remind us to check on those who live close by and in some cases, pitch in to help if you are able to. 
  2. They are right next door: Besides friends and family, relationships with your neighbours are the closest ones that you have (literally and figuratively). That is why it is so important to keep those relationships stress-free and happy!
  3. Step in a good direction: National Good Neighbour Day helps to showcase the importance of contributing to your community and in turn, being a good neighbour. 
  4. Brings attention to The Good Neighbour Mindset:

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