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Moving Abroad Quotes

If you have decided to move abroad, there’s no denying that there will be a lot of organisation and work to do. However, this article will help you with how to go about planning your move successfully and keeping the costs down by getting reasonable quotes from reputable and experienced removal firms.

Moving Abroad Quotes

How Much Does It Cost to Move Abroad and When to Get Quotes

A few things alter the price of moving your precious possessions from your old home to your new one, particularly if you are planning on moving abroad. Firstly, the amount of items you have will make a difference as it will be much cheaper to move the contents of a one-bedroom flat than a five-bedroom house, and weight is taken into account for shipments of this type as well as the dimensions.

The distance is also an issue, and this will probably also decide your choice of transport. If you are moving to the European mainland a truck might be your best bet, but moving further afield like the US or Australia will mean you need to make the decision between a container ship or airfreight. Naturally, airfreight will be the most expensive, but it is fast and could be useful for smaller items. Shipping will take longer but can end up as a more reasonable option particularly if you only need a smaller container.

The route you need to take from your current home to your new country will also alter the price as the more popular routes will have more competition which usually drives prices down. Obviously, it is very hard to give an exact price because the prices vary so much depending on these factors as well as the competence of the firm, but to give you the best idea we can in the circumstances we have put together a table to help.

This shows you average prices for popular destinations and the alternative types of shipping and airfreight.

20ft Shipping Container
40ft Shipping Container
£1,137 - £1,454
£1,984 - £2,171
£6,890 - £7,200
£1,066 - £2,269
£1,915 - £3,507
£6,500 - £7,900
£988 - £2,400
£1,475 - £3,115
£3,400 - £5,700
£424 - £661
£633 - £1,256
£1,555 - £1,719
£434 - £737
£649 - £2,155
£2,669 - £2,948
£1,155 - £1,277
£1,777 - £1,964
£4,620 - £5,106

Find the most convenient quote when moving abroad

Because there are so many different things that need to be considered, not least the custom procedures and tax issues, it helps to get a company that is experienced in moving people from your current country to your new one. That is why it is vitally important to find the right removal company not just the cheapest. If you fill in our request form, we can supply you with six quotes from reputable companies and you can investigate their terms and conditions to establish which one is the right one for you. Getting different moving quotes when you move abroad is the first stage in matching up your expectations with the right company that can satisfy them, as well as preparing you for situations with your new country that you may not be aware of.

Moving Abroad Quotes

When to Start the Planning For Your Move Abroad?

Normally, the recommendation is that you should be getting quotes and starting to pack about eight weeks before you move. However, because moving abroad is much more difficult and time-consuming, you should begin trying to find your ideal removal company about three months before you are due to leave. This is particularly important if you are planning on shipping your items as it can take 6-8 weeks for them to arrive at your destination.

What To Look for When You Get Your Quotes for Moving Abroad

You need to make sure that the moving abroad quotes you receive will include all of your basic requirements. These usually include loading your packed possessions from your residence and delivery to your new home or storage facility, as well as the preparation of a complete inventory and required documentation for export and customs clearance. There will usually be handling charges associated with either arrival at the destination terminal or customs and tax payments. These are mandatory costs, so make sure you account for them if they are not included in the quote so that you can compare like for like accurately.

Sometimes the company will charge extra for packing your possessions, unpacking when you reach your destination, assembling furniture and the materials used, but often these services will be part of the quote. Again, make sure you are clear which quotes include which services so that you do not choose a cheaper option only to find that none of the services you were expecting are included.

Insurance is also something that you will need to think about. Some companies include this in their pricing and some don’t, so check the small print. If the cost of this seems excessive, you can also get quotes from a third-party insurer to cover your property until it arrives at your destination.

Any reputable remover will be perfectly happy to explain in more detail about their quotes for moving abroad, so don’t be afraid to ask if you are confused. If you would prefer to have all your possessions in one container, also known as a Full Container Load (FCL) then this will be more expensive than a Less-than Container Load (LCL) where you will be sharing a container with other items, but transit time may be faster.

Also, don’t rush. Most quotes for moving abroad will last for a month or two, so it gives you a little breathing space to choose which removal firm you would prefer to use. Don’t necessarily pick the cheapest option as reliability is the most important asset of the mover you want working with you. Taking your time to choose the right company will pay dividends in the long run in terms of a hassle-free and efficient move.

How to Find the Right Removal Company for You When Moving Abroad?

There are so many things to think about when you are moving abroad and you must find the right removal company that will help you, not be a hindrance. From moving your possessions across country borders and even oceans, you need to be sure that the company you choose will be careful with your assets and knowledgeable about the logistics. As there are potentially shipping companies to liaise with, customs issues and even perhaps coping with storage facilities at the other end, a specialised removal firm can take all these worries off your shoulders. Let us put you in touch with the ideal removal firm, simply fill in our free request form so that we can supply you with six no-obligation moving abroad quotes from reputable local companies. All you need to do is choose which one serves your needs best.

Moving Abroad Quotes

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