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2024 Removal Trends in the UK

The way people move homes and relocate has evolved over the years, influenced by economic changes, environmental concerns, and many other reasons. 2024 was no exception. Below you can find the top ten moving trends shaping the UK this year.

  1. Eco-Friendly is In: There’s a significant swing towards environmentally friendly moving. From recyclable packing options to green transportation, the industry is catching on to the eco wave.
  2. The Urban Shuffle: With remote work becoming a mainstay, many are trading in city lights for more open spaces. Urban moves are decreasing while countryside relocations are on the rise.
  3. Digital Era of Moving: The tech-savvy movers among us are taking advantage of virtual move assessments. It’s all about real-time video surveys nowadays. More convenient and a great time-saver!
  4. Lean Moving: Inspired by the minimalist trend, folks are decluttering before the big move. A fresh start with less stuff sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?
  5. Flexible Storage is Key: There’s a noticeable uptick in demand for adaptable storage options. Especially with the rise of short-term living or those mid-renovation moments when you just need a little extra space.
  6. Tech-Driven Solutions: Digital tools are changing how we move. Instant quotes, real-time tracking, and online inventories are becoming the norm. And it’s all right there on our smartphones.
  7. Moving With Furry Friends: Our love for pets isn’t going anywhere. Specialised pet moving services, such as for cats and dogs, ensure our beloved companions travel safely.
  8. Custom Moves: Every move is unique. That’s why more companies are offering tailored services to meet individual needs. It’s all about giving you choice and flexibility.
  9. Safety First: Recent events have led to a surge in health and safety protocols. From regular sanitisation to trained crew members, the focus on safe moving is stronger than ever.
  10. DIY & Hybrid Moves: An emerging trend is the rise of DIY moves with a little professional help on the side. People are renting out vans or trucks for the actual move but getting pros in for the tricky parts, like packing delicate items or handling heavy furniture. This hybrid approach allows for more control over one’s belongings and often comes in as a more budget-friendly option.
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