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5 Best Cities to Move in the UK

When it comes to deciding which city to live and work in, it is important to find what you need. We selected the top 5 most popular urban moving destinations in the UK among families, young adults and students alike.

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Leeds is our #5 of the best cities to move in the uk

#5. Leeds

As the biggest city in Yorkshire and a great centre for shops and great bars and restaurants. Leeds offers all the city comfort with the best countryside and landscape just a few hours away. A great choice for a family also thanks to the great universities and schools present in the city.

Birmingham is our #4 of the best cities to move in the uk

#4. Birmingham

Birmingham has a great central location in the UK and there are always more jobs and opportunities. The cost of living is way lower than in London but the comforts, and the wages, are comparable.

Reading is our #3 of the best cities to move in the uk

#3. Reading

Another city close to London, with the comforts of the city but the countryside easy to reach. It is an amazing city to live in, study and work in, with lots of entertainment and nightlife to indulge in.

Manchester is #2 of the best cities to move in the uk

#2. Manchester

Manchester shines as a dynamic economic hub, boasting over 550,000 residents within the city and a bustling 2.55 million across Greater Manchester, making it the UK’s second-largest urban area. Renowned for its high liveability, Manchester secured the 44th spot in the Economist’s Global Liveability Index 2023, so it comes as no surprise that it is often considered one of the best cities to move to in the UK.

As a global business hub, Mancs offers vast career opportunities and a vibrant lifestyle. Home to four universities and a roughly 99,000-strong student body, the city is a cultural hotspot with museums, galleries, and the AO Arena, the UK’s largest indoor venue. Famous for sports, it hosts venues like Old Trafford and the National Football Museum. The city blends Victorian elegance with modern developments like Salford Quays. The trendy Northern Quarter, green suburbs like Withington and West Didsbury, extensive tram connections, and proximity to the Peak District make Manchester an ideal place for both work and leisure.

London is #1 of the best cities to move in the uk

#1. London

London, the heart of the UK and one of the most famous cities in the world is home to a diverse melting pot of roughly 8.8 million people. It is an astounding city with diversity and lots of high-paying job opportunities. Featured at the 46th spot on The Economist’s Global Liveability Index 2023, London is known for its liveability, cultural diversity, and economic dynamism. As a global finance, culture, and education hub, the UK’s capital has over 140,000 university graduates every year. Furthermore, London also frequently leads as the city with the world’s highest educated and skilled population.

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Of course, London Town is also home to iconic landmarks like the British Museum and Wembley Stadium. Its landscape blends historic sites like the Tower of London with modern marvels such as the Shard. The extensive public transport system (TfL) allows one to easily get from A to B without owning a car. London offers many attractive neighbourhoods, from upscale Chelsea and Kensington to hip and artsy Shoreditch and more. Along with its countless urban parks and natural wetlands, London is a top choice as one of the best cities to move to in the UK. Nearby natural beauties like the Cotswolds enhance its appeal for outdoor-loving professionals and families even more.

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