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House Movers

Whatever your situation may be for moving house, we have just the right tools and resources to personalise your move to suit your needs, budget, and timeframe. The cost of professional house movers is lower than you might think, so continue reading to learn more.

House Movers

What is the average cost of moving house?

The cost of moving depends on where you happen to live and where you are relocating to. Of course, most professional removals companies are geared up for two types of job – national and international moves. This will impact on the price you will have to pay. In addition, factors like the number of bedrooms – which gives an indication of the overall size of the job – will come into play.

Furthermore, having exceptionally large possessions, such as gym equipment, will add to the cost. Having said that, the moving costs for an average flat or family home can be considered to be within the ranges given in the table below.

BedroomsCost Extra Packing Charge
1£400 to £480£150 to £180
2£460 to £520£200 to £230
3£800 to £900£250 to £280
4£950 to £1,000£300 to £350

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House Movers


4 Top Reasons To Hire A Removal Company

There are a number of benefits in hiring professional house removers to handle your relocation for you.

  1. Trained professionals. This means that they know the best ways to lift large items, such as beds and sofas, and to get them through tight doorways. They know how to lift properly which means they shouldn’t drop anything while it is in transit.
  2. They’re efficient with the entire moving process. They also know the best way to place items into the lorry that will convey them to your new address so that they don’t shift around while they are on the road. You will often find that they know or have planned the best route to the new home so that the whole process is carried out as efficiently as possible.
  3. House moving companies are insured. This means that if something is lost or broken, you will be covered. Don’t worry about taking out additional home contents insurance to cover the move. Any professional removals firm will not only have public liability insurance but also a policy that means that breakages can be claimed for in the unlikely event that something is accidentally broken.
  4. Moving is such a hassle. Leave it to the hands of a professional team. Essentially, removals companies offer you complete peace of mind so you can concentrate on other important tasks which are bound to arise when you move.

When Is the Best Time to Hire House Moving Professionals?

Obviously, the best time to call upon the services of a removals firm is the day you need to move. However, if you have some flexibility and can choose when to move, then it is often advisable to opt for a mid-week appointment. Most people move on weekends so the availability of moving businesses tends to go down at such times. You will usually notice this being reflected on any prices you are quoted.

If the middle of the week is not an option, then you should try to avoid bank holiday weekends and Easter because these are among the most popular times of the year for people to relocate. In the winter months, fewer people move than in summer. As such, booking a removals service in December or January tends to be the cheapest time of year to move.

What Services Do House Movers Offer?

  • Packing. In addition to the actual move itself, house moving companies can also help you with packaging items and even provide you with the gear you will need to do so. They will usually be able to offer expertise on moving tricky items, such as musical instruments or works of art.
  • Dismantling. If things need to be dismantled in order to move them, they will be able to offer assistance in this area, as well. Most moving companies are used to taking apart standard items of furniture, such as wardrobes and desks, ready for reassembly once they arrive.
  • Cleaning. Another service that many movers take advantage of is the ability to clean your old home before you hand the keys back to the landlord or pass them on to your estate agent.
  • Storage facilities. If you have some possessions that you cannot fit into your new home for the time being, then most removals companies will offer you preferential rates for storing items ready to be collected later. In short, you get a great deal more with professionals in the house moving business than them simply conveying your belongings to a new address.

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House Movers

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