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Whether you’re packing up your dorm room for the next chapter, moving to a flatshare, or heading back home during the semester break – Moving through university can be exciting and full of change. But one thing you shouldn’t stress about is getting your stuff from A to B. That’s where student movers come in. Tailored to meet the unique needs of students, they offer a convenient and budget-friendly solution to lighten your load – both literally and figuratively.

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How Much Do Student Moving Services Cost?

The cost of hiring student movers can vary significantly because each student removal company has its unique pricing approach. Generally, the cost you’ll be quoted depends on several factors such as:

  • The amount of stuff you need to move
  • How far you’re relocating
  • The duration of your removal job
  • Any additional services you may request

Friendly Moving Rates for Students

Since most student removals usually involve a small number of items or small furniture that fit in a single bedroom or dorm, a small van will usually do the job. If you only have boxes and bags for your student moving company to send, you’ll likely benefit from low shipping fees that are especially easy on your budget. Take a peek at this table with the average prices for student moving services:

Average Price
Student Removals (Small)– Transit van with 1 or 2 helpers
£35 – £45 per hour
Student Removals (Large)– Larger Luton van with 2 or 3 helpers
£40 – £60 per hour
Student Shipping– Shipping fees for boxes or bags of items
£15 – £40 per box/bag

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What Can Student Moving Services Do for You?

Student movers provide services that are tailored specifically for students and their relocation process, taking into account your individual needs, budget, and time limitations. Typically, they offer you help that includes any of these two:

1. Student Removals

If you’re moving to a new place for college, be it a dorm, a studio, or a shared apartment, a student removal service is there to safely get your furniture and stuff there from your old residence. This is usually done before the start of a new semester. Here’s what this looks like:

  • Collection and Transport: When you schedule student removals, you will need to pack your belongings ahead. The moving company will send their movers with a vehicle to bring you and your items to your destination where they’ll help you unload.
  • Additional Student Moving Services: You can request services such as packing supplies, assistance with packing, and even cleaning services for your old and new place.

2. Student Shipping

Student shipping is designed for those returning home between semesters or heading to travel/work abroad during a gap year. Carrying checked-in luggage can make a flight or a backpacking trip costly fast. Not to mention that it’d probably be a bit of a challenge pushing and pulling around multiple suitcases with everything you need for an extended stay. Here’s how student movers do shipping:

  • Collection and Shipping: Your student shipping company will act as a courier service, meaning you can also ship your stuff in boxes and aren’t limited to squeezing everything into bags or luggage. As such, they will collect your items from you and transport them to your destination – whether that’s across the UK or even around the globe.

  • Additional Shipping Services: You can book door-to-door collection and delivery, shipping supplies, package tracking, and insurance coverage to supplement shipping.

4 Clever Tips on Moving for Students

Moving can be quite a challenge, but fear not! We’ve got your back. Check out our handy tips to make your move more of a breeze and less of a hassle:

Step 1: Get Information from Your School

Before you start packing and contacting moving companies, be sure to check your school’s website for moving guides and important information about moving into their dormitories. Your school might even have certain rules about moving in and out of the dorm. Most universities provide moving guides with specific information about their city or housing.

Step 2: Give Yourself Plenty of Time

I’m sure you’re tired of hearing that you should prepare well in advance (Teacher’s cue: “You should start studying early!”), but unfortunately, with moving, you need to do the same. Getting documents and payments done for your new home, looking for the right moving company, and packing all take time. That’s why you need to give yourself plenty of time to avoid any last-minute chaos.

Step 3: Be Strict and Pack Light

When packing, it can be easy for anyone to fall into the trap of packing almost everything you own. Unfortunately, this will only make your life more difficult since moving will be more work and the costs for your student moving services will be higher. Instead, you need to pack only the essentials. Usually, you’ll be able to buy anything else in your new place.

Step 4: Bring Things that Feel Like Home

This is often overlooked and you might not even realise it at first, but you will get homesick. This is especially true if you’re attending school in another country. To help you boost your mood and feel better, bring a few items that remind you of home. Some pictures or anything that holds special meaning can be really valuable during those tough times throughout the academic year.

Ready to Move? Make it Easy and Save Money Too

Whether you are moving into your dorm or simply want to transport your items hassle-free, student movers are there to help you. They recognise that as a student, you’re on a tight budget, so they’ve tailored their prices to reflect that. Take advantage of our free quote request form and get your offers in today – without cost or obligation.

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