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Removal Van Quote

If you are looking for a professional removals company, look no further! Here, you can request several quotes free of cost as well as learn about the services, pricing structures, and insurance offered by removal companies.

How Much Does A Removal Van Cost?

Removal companies will offer you a removal van quote that they charge according to the number of bedrooms you have at the moment. Indeed, this is the best way of gauging how much manpower will be needed to load up your belongings successfully and have them unloaded for you at your new address in a timely manner.

Removal Van Costs

As such, the table below serves as a good barometer for the sort of pricing you can expect to pay for a relocation job. Remember that prices tend to be a bit higher in the south of England and in locations like the Western Isles of Scotland where ferry fees might need to be factored in when relocating to the mainland, for example. Nevertheless, you can use it as a good indication of how much to budget for.

Size of HomePrice Packing Costs
1 bedroom£450 to £500£175 to £200
2 bedroom£500 to £600£225 to £250
3 bedroom£800 to £950£275 to £300
4 or 5 bedroom£900 to £1100£350 to £375

Save Money and Ask for a Personalized Removal Van Quote

To obtain several up-to-date quotations from removal van firms, just complete our simple form. It only takes a few moments to fill in and will mean that you obtain some highly competitive prices from at least 6 leading local firms. All customers make considerable savings, up to 40%, by taking this approach.

Removal Van Quote

How Are Removal Van Quotations Structured?

Each removals business will provide quotations for moving jobs based upon their expectations of the work required. Some will be relatively simple and only mean moving a couple of rooms’ worth of belongings a few miles, perhaps within the same town or borough. Others will involve more complex logistical arrangements. You might need to move into temporary accommodation with some of your belongings whilst placing others into storage for a time, for example.

Size and Distance of your Move

Equally, you may need to make arrangements to have your personal possessions shipped overseas if you happen to be migrating. There again, transporting your house’s items may mean needing more than one van if you happen to live in a larger property.

Sometimes, couples who are splitting up require their removals firm to take some of the items they are transporting to one address and the remainder to another. Of course, it all depends on your personal circumstances, the distance involved in the relocation and the size of the property you currently live in.

Why Is Insurance Important to See on Removal Van Quotes?

Some people who provide informal removals work, unlike proper professional removals firms, don’t offer coverage for your belongings when they are being moved. Your home contents insurance policy will not usually provide adequate coverage for items that are in transit either so it is an important aspect of the services that removal van firms offer.

Many companies will include the cost of insuring your belongings within the quotation they send you but some offer this as an additional extra that you can opt to pay for.

Level of Excess for your Insurance

Always confirm the level of the removals insurance that is offered, especially if you happen to own expensive belongings that would be hard to replace if they were accidentally damaged when being moved. Another key aspect of moving insurance is the level of excess offered. In the main, lower excesses mean higher insurance costs but this will vary from removals firm to removals firm and can be a key differentiator between them.

Don’t forget to ask about public liability insurance either which is important if you will need to unload from a public space, such as from the road on a busy residential street.

moving house in the UK

What Services Do Removal Van Companies Offer?

You can ask you removals firm to help with packing up your belongings for you if you are too busy or disinclined to carry out this work yourself. They will tend to send someone around prior to the moving day in order to ready everything for the move. Some removals firms will hire you storage crates while others will sell you stout cardboard boxes that do the same job.

Removal Company Services

You can also request a cleaning job for the property you are moving out of which is great for ensuring it is left in a suitable condition to hand the keys over. Many removals companies will also provide you with a temporary storage solution if needed.

Home Improvement

This can be very handy if you want to carry out redecorating works in your new home in one or more rooms before you move all of your belongings in. Ask your appointed company about this because it can often be more cost-effective than renting a self-storage unit yourself and all of the hassle of loading and unloading that entails for you.

Tips For Getting the Best Prices on a Removal Van Quote

  • Opt of a time when removals firms are less busy since this is when they will quote you with the most attractive pricing. Move in the middle of the week and avoid popular times such as bank holidays.
  • Do the packing work yourself in advance of the move. If everything – or nearly everything – is ready to go on the day of the move, then fewer moving operatives are needed to get the job done and this saves you money.
  • Dismantle your furniture. Dining tables and bedsteads are easier to move and take up less space in a van when they are taken apart and these can often make the difference in the number of removals vehicles you will need to complete the job.
  • Never accept the first price. It may be the best one on offer but unless you check with a competitor or two you will never know.

Get You’re Removal Van Quotes From Home

Rather than ringing each service provider in your area for an individual removal van quote, it is better to reach out to them all in a single request. By tapping in a few details into our easy-to-use online form and submitting it, you will receive up to 6 different quotations from local firms who will provide you with the best pricing on offer, each keen to secure your business.

Removal Van Quote

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