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European Removals

Are you planning on moving to another country in Europe? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We have just the right tools and know-how to help you jumpstart the planning process! Our platform of moving specialists will ensure a smooth transition into your new life abroad. Read on to learn about the ins and outs of moving to another country within the European Union.

How much do European Removals cost?

The cost for a move to Europe can be very significant, because the distance to be traveled is variable and unique for each situation, between your departure city and your destination country. The average cost of an all-inclusive move to Europe is estimated between £1,000 and £3000. The price is calculated per m3 and varies between £100 and £200 /m3 for example, depending on the mode of transport and the provision of moving services.

Costs European Removal

The table below will provide you with a general indication of how much it would cost to move from the UK to the top 8 European countries.

Country 20ft Shipping Container 40ft Shipping ContainerAirfreight
Spain£434 - £737£649 - £2,155£2,669 - £2,948
France£424 - £661 £633 - £1,256£1,555 - £1,719
Germany£979 - £1,082 £1,860 - £2,056£2,545 - £2,813
Netherlands£350 - £559£583 - £936£1,250 - £2,950
Ireland£378 - £418 £718 - £794£980 - £1,273
Belgium£632 - £926£1,273 - £1,638£1,826 - £2,236
Italy£826 - £1,236£1,632 - £2,173£2,384 - £2,538
Portugal £1,038 - £1,336£1839 - £2,347£2,650 - £3,376

Ensure maximum savings on your European Removals

European removal costs vary significantly based on the unique characteristics of every move. As such, removal companies’ quotes vary as well. To maximise your savings, your best bet is to compare quotes and select the one that best suits your budget and needs. Thankfully, through our quote request form, we’re able to do just that by saving you time and money!

European RemovalsHow to Calculate the Cost of Moving to Europe?

The cost of moving abroad varies widely and is unique to every household. While there are many cost variables, below are the main costs to consider:

Shipping method:

The transport method you select will significantly affect the cost. You can choose between sea, land, or air freight depending on what makes the most sense for your move.

Size + weight of your cargo:

Generally, the more you take, the more it’ll cost. If you’re planning on shipping your items via sea freight, you have two main shipping container sizes to choose from, 20ft and 40ft.

Total distance + transport route:

This one is highly dependent on your end destination and which route makes the most sense. Your removal company will be able to best advise you on this one.

Time of the year:

Shipping your belongings during the peak season vs. low season will impact the cost. If shipping during the low season, It can be an opportunity to save money.

4 types of sea-freight shipments

When comparing quotes from multiple removal companies, it’s important to know whether the quoted cost is for door-to-door, port-to-port, door-to-port, or port-to-door. Continue reading to learn more about the four different types of shipments. Here’s a handy glossary of port and shipping terms that may help during your research phase.

Port to port shipments

This is the basic form of sea freight transportation. Port to port shipments start at the port of loading and end at the port of discharge.

Door to port shipments

Door to port shipments start at the exporter’s factory and end at the port of discharge.
A multimodal bill of lading is used to settle the terms of the contract, which include the title, contract of carriage, and receipt for goods.

Port to door shipment

This type of shipment starts at the port of lading and ends at the importer’s warehouse.

Door-to-door service

This type of shipment includes the transportation between the exporter’s factory to importer’s warehouse. This is usually handled by a multimodal bill of lading, which is carried out by a single carrier.

Move to France from the UK
5 Tips for lowering the cost of your European Removals

1. Pre-move Survey

It is highly recommended to get a home pre-move survey in order to receive an accurate quote for your move. The appointment should be offered at no cost and no obligation by the removal company.

2. Cut down on packing supplies

If planned with enough time in advance, packing can be done at a very cheap price. Instead of paying for packing supplies, you can collect cardboard boxes from shops or businesses in your area. Oftentimes, cardboard boxes are tossed into the bin, so why not recycle and save at the same time.

3. Removals Insurance; Hope for the best, plan for the worst

Opting for insurance can seem like a hit or miss. You never know in advance if you’ll need it. However, there are plenty of things out of anyone’s control that may cause problems. It’s just best to spend a bit of money on ensuring your belongings and providing you with peace of mind.

Your removal company will provide the best options for offering adequate coverage. It’s important to know that some removal companies already include a certain level of removals insurance into their contract and for others it is optional.

4. You won’t have to pay customs duty when moving within Europe

Customs duty is basically a tax on everything that’s being shipped into a country. There are various factors that go into what gets taxed or not, but generally, personal household items avoid paying customs duties.

In short, if you are relocating to another country within the EU, you won’t have to pay for customs duty because such tax has already been paid when you purchased the items. If you are moving farther away such as to the USA, Canada, or Australia, you will be expected to pay a certain amount.

5. Get a moving specialist to handle your removals

Moving to another country doesn’t have to be expensive if done the smart way. We highly recommend comparing quotes from multiple removal companies and selecting the one that best fits your needs. Fill out our quote request form to receive up to 6 no-obligation quotes from companies in your area.

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