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Moving House Quotes

There are many factors that impact on why any moving house quotes you may have obtained are different. Sometimes, you will see very similar pricing but for services which are different from one another. There again, you might see quotations for exactly the same level of professional removals service but with very different price tags associated with them. Like any other professional service businesses, removals firms operate in a marketplace so pricing will vary depending on factors like the availability of operatives, location, insurance cover and specialist items you need to be moved. Read on to discover the factors that removals firms build into their moving house quotes and what you can do to make sure you are not paying over the going rate.

What Is the Average Price That You Can Expect to See on Moving House Quotes?

If you pick a busy time of year to move or are in an area where there is already a high demand for removals firms, then the price you see will inevitably be a bit higher. On the contrary, low-season moving dates tend to see the most competitive pricing on moving house quotes. As a guide to what you can expect to pay, consult the table below which gives you an indication of the average level of pricing for moving given the size of your home.

Number of Bedrooms
Average Fixed Rate
Average Extra Packing Costs

On top of these costs, you should also consider the optional extras that are offered by most professional removals companies on their moving house quotes.

ServicePacking Cost (Per Hour & Per Packer)
Cost Per Hour (2 Hour Minimum)
Disassembly and Reassembly- Help with assembly / disassembly of furniture
Storage- Space if you cannot move immediately
£30 per week
Cleaning- Cleaning of old and new house
£15 per hour
Parking Permit- Ability to park in front of property
- Price depends on area and trade association membership
£30 - £75
Piano Removal- Proper care and specialist equipment for safe removal
- Remove and replace doors or windows for access
£120 - £480

Of course, you may need all of these services for your move or only some of them. If you own specialist items – like grand pianos or large canvases, for example – then you may need to obtain a specific quotation for moving these particular belongings. Having said that, these tables will give you a guide to what to expect from your quotation. Never just obtain one price but get a series of moving house quotes so you can feel assured that you are getting value for money. By filling in a few of your details, up to six different removals firms will get back to you with their best pricing, thereby affording you up to 40% savings from the total cost of your move!

moving house quote

Which Factors Effect Moving House Quotes?

As mentioned, prices vary on quotations because firms have different levels of availability. For instance, if removals firm A has several bookings on your proposed moving day, then they are likely to produce a higher quotation price than normal because they’d need to hire additional labour or pay overtime to staff to get your job done as well. On the other hand, if your moving day comes at a less busy time, removals firm B might come in with a highly competitive price to win the business and ensure its operatives are not left without work to do. In addition to these market conditions, there are other factors which play a big part in quoted prices. The size of your current property gives removals firms the fairest indication of how much work will be involved. This is usually calculated on the number of bedrooms you have but other factors are at play. A two bedroom bungalow with off-street parking is easier to take items out of ready for loading, for example, than a two bedroom flat on the top floor of a block where only on-street parking is available. Another crucial factor is insurance. Some firms include insurance cover for your belongings as standard while others don’t. It is worth checking whether insurance cover is provided, especially on cheaper moving house quotes.

What Information Should Be Included in Moving House Quotes?

Any quotation that is sent to you ought to include information about the move itself including the date the removal is to take place, if this is yet known. The address of your current residence as well as where you are moving to should be included because the travel time and distances involved will make a significant impact on the price you see. Furthermore, you should check the number of bedrooms on your moving house quotes because if this is wrong then the price will be out of kilter. In addition, your quotation should include any additional services that are being provided. Perhaps the quotation only shows the removals work for your planned move, but what about help with packing and unpacking or providing packaging materials? If these are not in the quotation, then you cannot expect the service. Some removals firms will provide a temporary storage space for your belongings while others will expect you to find this yourself, so this is worth checking if your new home won’t be ready to accept all of your possessions on the day you move out. Finally, consider the level of insurance your preferred removals firm has for your items when they are in transit. Again, this should be made clear in your quotation even if it is in the small print.

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Why Is Comparing Moving House Quotes so Important?

Few people would buy the first house or flat they see without looking around a couple of others, at least. Of course, it is true to say that you could look at many properties and still come back to the first one but this does not mean you shouldn’t compare it with others. The same is true of moving house quotes. If you opt for the first price you see, then you could be paying more than you need to or placing your trust in a company that does not provide all of the services you actually want when it comes to your moving day. In short, a little research always pays off in the end when it comes to planning your relocation properly.

The simplest way to compare moving house quotes is to fill out the online form and have up to six competitive prices land in your inbox, so you can assess which one will provide you with the level of service you want at a cost that is affordable.

Moving House Quotes
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