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Planning a move is seldom something that could be described as fun. However, you can take a lot of the stress out of the process by obtaining multiple moving quotes at an early stage. If you do, then the likelihood is that your move will be conducted in the best way possible for your particular circumstances. For some, help with packaging might be the most important thing, Some want to rely on local knowledge while others want the best value for money possible. What are your preferences and how will obtaining several moving quotes help you to prioritise them?

Moving Quotes

Why Price Is Important With Moving Quotes

No one shops around for a service solely with the approach that they will appoint the lowest cost operator to do the job. That is not to say that the lowest price you will see on a quotation does not offer everything you want – it may well do. The point is that consumers want value for money on their quotations. What they want to see from a removals firm is a price that reflects the range of services on offer on moving day and during the run-up to it. Of course, the cost should always be competitive but this does not necessarily mean that the lowest price always offers the best value. Only by reading a quotation properly can you make that assessment. Having said that, what sort of pricing should you expect from a removals firm for an average move these days?

BedroomsLikely ChargeExtra Fee for Packing
1£420 to £500£170
2£550 to £600 £200
3£800 to £900£280
4£900 to £980£350

As you can see, many removals firms will work out a price for you based on the size of the property you currently rent or own. There can be a degree of price variation based on the time of year and whether you are downsizing. On top of these basic prices, you may also indicative pricing for other services offered by professional moving firms.

Type of ServiceTypical Fee
Supply of packaging£100
Use of a storage facility£120
Post-move house clean£250
Disassembly of furniture£120
Professional piano handling£380

Clearly, obtaining moving quotes will help you to organise your moving day according to your needs and budget. By just filling at a single form with your details, up to 6 competitive quotations from firms in your area can be obtained. In many cases, individuals and families who have been planning a move have made big savings just by taking the time to complete the form below. Try it out because there is nothing to lose. All of the quotes you will receive come without any obligation.

Moving Quotes

When Is a Good Time to Ask for a Moving Quotation?

There is no exact right time to obtain an idea of how much it will cost you to move home. However, when you have found a new place and the move looks like it is on, this is a good time. For example, if you have had an offer on a new home accepted and are just waiting for the exchange process to go through, asking for some quotations is a good idea. Equally, if you have obtained a new tenancy agreement and given notice to quit to your current landlord, then this is also the right time to start looking at which removals firm you might choose to appoint.

Acting sooner rather than later is preferable because it allows you to take the time to compare each of your quotations properly. In addition, you will be able to think about which sorts of service you really need. Some people will want help packaging their possessions prior to the move, for example. Others will decide to do this themselves in order to save money on their moving day. Finally, if you plan on moving at a particularly busy time, then get in early. Popular times for moves tend to be on bank holiday weekends and during the school summer holidays. The Easter weekend which has two bank holidays is one of the busiest times for removals firms, too.

Why Hire a Company to Help You Move at All?

Some people choose to go it alone and carry out their move themselves even if they have received some great quotations from removals firms. Of course, it is perfectly possible to hire a van and to conduct the move yourself, but consider the downside for a moment. Many people’s moving day often turns out to be a hectic one with lots of last-minute jobs like reading the utility meters to remember. If you are also organising your own removal, then the whole day can become a nightmare.

Remember that you will be working to a firm deadline by when you must be out and hand the keys over. You may find that some of your belongings are heavier and more awkward to get out of the front door and loaded onto your van than you think. What if you injure yourself or drop something valuable? What if there is heavy traffic and you arrive later than intended? What about parking at your new address? In short, there is a lot that can go wrong. Professional removals firms are used to avoiding the common pitfalls and for a fair price will be able to remove the hassle from moving day, thereby allowing you to concentrate on the more important things in life.

How to Compare Removals Quotes

Moving quotations are usually laid out in a similar fashion so you should have little trouble getting to the salient points of each you receive. Remember to check what is included in the price. Things like moving boxes, hire of storage crates and providing additional operatives can be included in the headline price. Sometimes, these are optional extras. In addition, you should confirm the level of insurance that is included with each quotation. Removals insurance is important. Your normal household contents insurance policy will probably not cover accidental damage when your belongings are on the road outside of your home. Professional removals firms will have specialist insurance that will cover your goods to a certain value. Check this level, especially if you have rare or one-of-a-kind belongings. Also, confirm the public liability insurance any removals firm has. This will help you to proceed with peace of mind.

Get your quotes and save money on your removal!

Now you know why you should compare removals quotes and the best way of doing so to ensure that you get the level of service you want, you should ensure you get competitive pricing from some of the leading firms in your locality. A few minutes filling in the online form, below, is the simplest way of getting several quotes from suppliers in one go. This way, you can sit back and relax while the removals companies concerned vie for your business. Remember that every quotation you receive will inform you of the current state of the market in removals as well as placing you under no obligation to proceed if you choose not to.

Moving Quotes

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