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Removals Bristol

Are you a student who is about to move to one of the UK’s most prominent university cities? Perhaps you are moving to Bristol for a new job or change of scenery? Whatever your reason, a removal company will be able to assist with your move. This page will give you details on how to hire movers, their prices, along with what it is like to live in Bristol.

Removals Bristol

What are the costs of moving to Bristol

Similar to other cities, the price of hiring a removal company in Bristol is dependent on multiple factors. Removals Bristol costs depend on:

  • The total volume of your belongings
  • The distance between your origin and destination
  • Ease of access to your old and new home
  • Extra services requested

Removals Bristol Costs

The following tables give you a general overview of average prices for both local and long-distance moves in Bristol.

Number of Rooms
£150 - £350
£400 - £500
£265 - £400
£450 - £600
£400 - £650
£800 - £900
£650 - £850
£900 - £1,000

Removals Bristol: your next step

Considering a move to Bristol? Ready to enjoy the warm weather and various activities in music, arts, food, and the outdoors? Then your next step is to find a removal company that will help you with your move. But of course, you need to find movers that will do the job properly and for the right price. That is why comparing moving quotes is very important. Complete the form below and soon you will receive 6 replies in your inbox from local, trusted removal companies with their best offers.

how to organise your relocation to BristolRemovals Bristol services

ServiceRemoval Cost (Per Hour & Per Packer)
Cost Per Hour (2 Hour Minimum)
Disassembly and ReassemblyHelp with assembly / disassembly of furniture
StorageSpace if you cannot move immediately
£30 per week
CleaningCleaning of old and new house
£15 per hour
Parking PermitAbility to park in front of property
Price depends on area and trade association membership
£30 - £75
Piano RemovalProper care and specialist equipment for safe removal
Remove and replace doors or windows for access
£120 - £480

Parking Zones for Removals in Bristol

The exact fee for a parking permit for the removal van will change depending on your area. It is a good idea to ask your local council and arrange for this permit well in advance to avoid any unexpected costs and disagreements with the moving company. Alternatively, you can find free parking zones near your area. However, parking space is heavily restricted, greatly increasing the risk of receiving parking fines.

Congestion Fees When Moving to Bristol

One of the biggest issues that you will face and could increase prices, especially if you are moving to Central Bristol, is congestion. The roads of the inner city can be slow-moving, and this problem becomes worse during peak hours. Keep this in mind when planning your move. However, a local removal specialist should be aware of traffic times and will find the best routes to travel.

What is life like in Bristol?

Despite its history as the second port of the UK and an industrial centre, Bristol has reinvented itself in recent years. Now known as a cultural centre full of art and festivals, Bristol’s new hippy reputation has accompanied its status as a university city. Home to the likes of Banksy and Massive Attack, the arts scene is definitely strong in Bristol.

Bristol, otherwise known as Brizzle

Many activities in theatre, music, and food mean that you can always find something to do in your free time. Diverse industries, particularly the aerospace industry, imports and exports, and health services, help make the city’s economy dynamic and strong. Recently being dubbed the best place to live in Britain, Bristol is conveniently situated near the seaside and the picturesque countryside of Southwest England.

Cost of living

While prices in Bristol are lower than in London, it is a relatively more expensive city than if you were to move to Manchester or Birmingham. The average salary in Bristol is £28,585 compared to London’s £34,762 while property prices tend to be above UK averages. The city’s status as a desirable place to live, as well as recent rail development projects in the form of Crossrail, have increased property prices.

Housing Rents in Bristol

Below are a few quick figures on prices in the city.

  • Average house rent: £973 per month
  • Average flat rent: £643 per month
  • Average cost of a meal: £12
  • Average cost of a pint: £3.80

living in BristolThe weather

Located in southwest England, Bristol is one of the UK’s warmest cities In the summer, it reaches an average temperature of 22°C, while during winter months, the temperature drops to around 3°C. Rain is quite even throughout the year but winter months usually have the most rainfall.

Getting around Bristol

Bristol’s transport system is extremely convenient and well-connected—buses, trains, and ferries allow for easy navigation of the city. Bristol is well-known for being very bike-friendly. The infrastructure for cyclists is fantastic, as the city is home to the sustainable transport charity Sustrans and has links to the National Cycle Network. Perfect for traversing Bristol’s hilly landscape!

 Arrangements to be made

As with any move, there are several people you need to let know that you will be relocating to a new house. One of the most important is to notify your local city council. Whether you are moving into, within, or out of Bristol, you will need to inform the council of your move. To do this, you need to provide the following and fill out a form:

  • Landlord or agent’s information
  • Tenancy agreement
  • Details on solicitors or join-owners if you are buying or selling property

Council Tax Registration after Moving to Bristol

You will also need to register for council tax in your area, which is calculated based on the value of your property. To find your council tax band, visit the GOV.UK website. It is in your best interest to check with your local council to see if you qualify for a discount or exemption. You are able to pay in many ways:

  • Direct debit
  • Online
  • Phone
  • Online/telephone banking
  • Post
  • In-person
  • Bristol Pound – the city’s local currency

Rubbish collection

Another important thing to check is the rubbish and recycling collection schedule for your new area. For example, this will make settling in your new home go much more quickly and smoothly, so look up the pickup dates on the city council website. In general, collection services are as follows:

  • Black wheelie bins: every two weeks
  • Black and green recycling boxes: weekly
  • Brown food waste bin: weekly
  • Garden waste: weekly (requested paid service)

Disposal services for Removals Bristol

If you need to dispose of larger items before or after you move, such as unnecessary furniture or appliances, you have the option to book a collection with your council. You can also get rid of these items by bringing them to the nearest tip by yourself, which you will need a permit if you are using a van, pick-up, or towing trailer over 1.52 metres. However, some removal companies offer a disposal service so be sure to double-check with your removalists.

What do you get with a removal company?

We have all heard that one of life’s most stressful moments is moving house. However, your move does not have to be like this. With removal companies, you will not be overwhelmed with the tasks of packing, loading, and transport.

No hassle:

Removalists coordinate all aspects of your move, meaning that you do not have to worry about planning everything on your own. Additionally, why not leave the heavy lifting to the removal company and enjoy your new surroundings?

Driving made easy:

With a local moving company, you have a driver who knows the area best. This greatly reduces driving time and makes your whole move much more straightforward.

Proper training and equipment:

Professional movers know the best methods to pack and transport your prized possessions safely and quickly. They also have the right equipment so that your items are not damaged throughout the whole move. Together with extensive insurance coverage, removal companies are the safer option.

Compare and save 40% on removals Bristol

Whether you are thinking of relocating to Bristol, or simply moving within the city, find the right removal company that will cater to your needs. There are several movers out there so choosing one might be difficult. Make it easier by comparing their prices and services. With savings of up to 40%, our free, no-obligation quote request allows you to quickly see the best company for you. Fill in the form with your information below and save money on your move!

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