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Moving in a New House

When you are relocating to a new house, there are a million and one things to do – or so it seems. Getting some tasks completed at your new address before moving in can benefit you.

Planning for the Relocation Itself

One of the most important things you can do prior to the moving day for your new house is to get your belongings organised for the relocation. The greater the level of organisation you have for your current set of possessions, the easier it will be to get your new home coordinated and in good shape.

What do You Need to Take With You?

The first thing to do is to make sure that you don’t take any unnecessary items with you. Not only do they cost you more in time and effort on moving day but you need to find somewhere to put them when you arrive at the new residence.

Get rid of belongings that have never been used and have sat at the back of the cupboard since they were first bought or given to you. Give away old clothes that you no longer wear. If you have children who have outgrown old toys, games and bicycles, then take these to a local charity shop where they can be given a new lease of life.

How Lower the Price When Moving in a New House?

Since most removals firms charge you according to the number of rooms you need to relocate, getting rid of an entire bedroom’s worth of belongings means you should be able to get a more competitive price for your removal work.

What’s more, you won’t have to fork out for packers to come to your current address to stow away your possessions in moving boxes or crates if you have done this for yourself in advance. It is a great way of getting fully organised before moving into you new house as well as economising on moving costs. As a guide, removals firms tend to charge accordingly.

Moving Prices

Number of BedroomsAverage Removal CostExtra Packing Fees
1£150 – 350£80 – 150
2£400 – 550£150 – 200
3£650 – 750£200 – 300
4£850 – 950£250 -350

In order to get the best pricing, doing the packing yourself makes obvious sense. Regardless of how you choose to go about preparing for your move, it is a good tip to get several quotations from local removals companies before enlisting one to help.

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What Jobs Can I Do Before Moving In a New House?

Unless you have made a special arrangement with the current owners of your new house – whether that happens to be the people you are buying from or the landlord – it is not usually possible to gain access to your new home until you have the legal right to do so. Therefore, unless specific permission to do any work has been granted, you will have to wait until your moving day.

Delay When Moving in a New House

The trouble with this is that the minute you want to begin work on the property is just when all of your belongings arrive which – quite understandably – get in the way. If you want a job done, such as a bathroom to be refitted or a bedroom to be redecorated, then you can put this into a stipulation of your tenancy or sale agreement.

The drawback with this approach is the work is carried out by another party outside of your control and it could delay your moving in the new house as well as pushing the price up. A better idea is to wait until you are fully in control.

What to Do Before Moving in Your New House

What you can do prior to your move is to inform your bank, your internet company and your gas and electricity suppliers of your proposed moving date. If you do this in advance, then it can cause less stress on the moving day.

However, it is important to take meter readings when you move out so that you have a proper record of how much you are liable for. When you move into your new home, it is a good idea to take meter readings, as well. This will help out if there ends up being a dispute with the previous occupants.

New Home

How Removals Firms Can Help New Movers

When you want to do work on your new home but cannot do it before you have the legal right to do so you may need to make a temporary arrangement. A good tip is to ask you removals firm to help you in this situation.

Firstly, your removals firm could arrange to unload your possessions in a certain way so that one room – for example, the master bedroom – is kept clear. You’d need to sleep elsewhere in the house temporarily but it means you could get on with the job of laying new carpet or redecorating the walls, for example, with greater ease.

Storage Facility Service

Another thing you might arrange with your removals firm is to use a storage facility temporarily. This means that not all of your belongings would arrive at your new home on the moving day. Some would be placed in a secure facility where they can be called upon at a later date.

Many good removals firms offer discounted rates with nearby self storage facilities if they don’t offer this service in-house themselves. It can be very helpful to take advantage of this because it allows you to move in while still keeping one or more rooms clear of possessions ready to work on.

Why Hiring a Removal Company When Moving in a New House?

Having said that, if you need to carry out an overhaul of a major room like the kitchen, then you may not be able to move in at all while those works are being completed. In such situations, you may need to rent temporarily while your belongings are placed in storage.

This delays the date you can move in but it has the advantage that when you do you are not surrounded by building work, dust and disruption. The important thing to remember is that whenever you choose to move, your removals firm will be able to help – even if it is a month or two since you first moved out of your current abode.

What Are the Most Common Jobs in New Homes?

Other than new kitchen and bathroom fit out jobs, the most common thing new movers want to do is to redecorate. This often comes down to personal taste rather than a real need to change something. If you want new carpets laid soon, then avoid placing all of the heavy furniture where you ultimately intend it to be so that carpets can be fitted without having to shift everything around.

Home Improvement in the New House

Some people like to get on and paint walls and ceilings when they first move in to make their own mark on the place if nothing else. Carrying out structural work is less common in the early stages unless your new home needs to be renovated in order to make it inhabitable. In some properties, new wiring or pipework may need to be installed and this is better to do sooner rather than later before you begin redecorating.

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